Kundalini Warning

THE CHURCH has been invaded by false spirits manifesting lying signs and wonders. That’s the message from Andrew Strom, a longtime member of the charismatic movement and author of the new book, Kundalini Warning: Are False Spirits Invading the Church?

Strom was part of the New Apostolic Reformation for 11 years before realizing that the leadership of the movement had no interest in discernment and repentance for its excesses. Now he’s warning about the dangers of the movement, which has led to a spiritual invasion of the church.

Hindu philosophy teaches that the kundalini is “a “corporeal energy” — an unconscious, instinctive or libidinal [sexual] force” coiled at the based of the spine.  It can be awakened by a guru laying hands on a believer and through spiritual disciplines such as yoga.

Strom documents in his book, and in videos at his website www. JohnTheBaptistTV.com, that manifestations of the kundalini spirit — shaking, jerking, uncontrolled laughter — look just like the phenomena in charismatic churches that are credited to the Holy Spirit.

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