THEY CALL themselves Christians but the mythology underlying their beliefs has little to do with Christ.  To Dominionists, Jesus’ return to Earth is on hold, waiting for us to conquer it first.

Dr. Orrel Steinkamp has been watching and writing about Dominion theology for nearly 15 years, and he says 2010 is a banner year for the movement.  Leaders in the Dominionist New Apostolic Reformation are being mainstreamed, riding the wave of protest against the policies of Barack Obama and his congressional allies to political power.

Dr. Steinkamp identifies the key players in this movement and shows where the theology of the apostolic/prophetic movement deviates from scripture.

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  1. Looks like an apple Tom Horn would warn about 😀

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  3. I came across this audio interview by listening to some other audio of yours. You mentioned dominionist and the flags went up in my spirit and I had to listen. I know this was made in 2010 but I had actually had been “following” many of these domionists like Jones(who has since died),Patricia King,Bill Johnson and the list goes on. It so happens that I had been praying for truth and I was reading Haggai 1 and the Holy Spirit showed me I had to tear down many of the beliefs I had which included all of these “signs and wonders” people. I started to look up what these people actually were pushing and it was totally unbiblical. They are saying that Jesus can’t come back on His own! Many of these people also have new age teachings hidden in them.
    I have a friend who is so steeped in this stuff. It’s to the point of making you feel condemned. She doesn’t believe in medical treatment whatsoever and makes you feel guilty when you go to get treated for something like shingles. I believe in the healing power of God but I also know that still have earthly bodies and they are going to break down.
    All this to say thank you for having Dr. STeinkamp on your show. It has reaffirmed what the Holy Spirit has been showing me. I’m glad that there is info out here to lead others to the same conclusion I had. God Bless!

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