VFTB at the OPS: Chuck Missler – Dangerous Mistaken Identity

Derek Gilbert and Chuck Missler
Derek Gilbert and Chuck Missler at the 2014 Orlando Prophecy Summit

THE MOST dangerous case of mistaken identity in history is the false ID many people give to one Jesus of Nazareth.

Chuck Missler, founder of Koinonia House, explains why mischaracterizing the person of Jesus is literally a grave error, and how the modern church has become so distracted by politics and social issues that it can be a challenge to find the gospel on Sunday mornings in America.

Chuck also talks about drawing on his experience in the business world, and the example of the apostle Paul, to help people become “spiritual entrepreneurs” — a group that may become the backbone of the underground church.

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  1. Are you kidding?? This Missler is a plagiarist. And an unrepentant one at that.
    He needs to make amends by 1. Asking for forgiveness. 2. Pay 3 times the amount of damage he has caused. Until then, he’s just a money grubbing IRS agent to me.

  2. Thanks for interviewing Chuck Missler. I have listened to him for 30+ yrs. My parents found him on Fire Fighters for Christ tapes when my dad was a fireman in California. I thank him for my love and absolute interest of the bible. Great interview.

  3. Always good to hear from Chuck – you should have 3 consecutive interviews on totally different topics with him.

  4. This silence is deafening; so, here goes: I’m not certain that I understood a word
    this Guy said. And, what fragments I could discern were either irrelevant, wrong
    or derivative, at best. His years in the corporate boardroom have taken their toll.

    Sorry, but I cast a vote of “No Confidence”. For me? Completely unintelligible. As
    I could glean, he doesn’t think much of the Gospels, except for the Resurrection.
    And he has gotten so ‘smart’ that he is stupid, in my opinion. There. I said it. Was
    he on some sort of ‘auto-pilot’? Or, just a very, very old Corporate Salesman. In
    some small way, this person is disturbing, I believe, evocative of dust, and rust.

    1. Author

      Have you listened to any of his teachings on the 66/40 podcast? Your characterization of his opinion of the gospels is way off base. I really don’t understand how you reach that conclusion on the basis of this program.

  5. Every time I listen to Dr Chuck Missler, I learn something new. He is an amazing speaker and teacher, and a joy to listen to. Along with many other (especially prophecy) speakers and teachers on the Word of God that I regularly follow on the internet, Dr Missler gives a unique perspective on the contents of the Bible. He is a wealth of information, and for me has illuminated so much on the various wealth of relevant messages in the Bible. I highly recommend Dr Missler.

  6. Censorship from you Derek? You don’t like my comment so you keep anyone else from reading it??!! My comment is the truth so you have put yourself into the position of censoring the truth! God forbid that you or anyone like you get into any kind of political power.

    1. Author

      Check the site again. I was so busy last week between work, preparing for the conference, and other comments (family, church, and two singing groups to which I belong) that I hadn’t noticed comments pending approval.

      You’re certainly entitled to your opinion. Mr. Missler has addressed the issue. I, too, am disappointed at the situation, and I assure you I have no designs on any kind of political power. I catch enough grief now.

  7. There is no such thing as “corporate christianity”, and ambition can blind one to
    the Truth, Derek. As one ‘rises’ in the circles wherein one chooses to participate,
    one may be persuaded into sinister affiliations, unaware. Hal Lindsey has been
    long ago discredited. The Council for National Policy, with which Missler seems
    to be affiliated, along with “Rev. Moon”, and some of the ‘Knights of Malta’, is
    also deeply concerning. If the only definitive value of the Life of Christ was His
    “death, burial and Resurrection”, as Missler claimed on this podcast, we might
    as well have tacked-up The Baby Jesus, and have been done with it. The things
    that He said and did are of the UTMOST importance, Derek. And the glassy-eyed
    acolytes, above, are more interested in form, than substance, it seems. Avarice
    is a slippery slope, as well. Deyo and Missler are both ‘red flags’, I feel.

    1. Author

      You’re entitled to your opinion, of course. Full disclosure: I have interviewed at least three other guests over the last five years that are members of the CNP, as far as I know. To date, I remain, to the best of my knowledge, un-sinister. I have listened to many of Chuck’s teachings and your characterization of his teaching based on a 30-minute sample, which may well have been misdirected by my questions, is inaccurate.

      Let me also state for the record that I am 52 years old and spent years on the air in a couple of the 15 largest radio markets in America. I have interviewed governors, senators, congressmen, and NYT best-selling authors. That is not to impress you or anyone else, only to make this point: I am no glassy-eyed acolyte. If my ambition was a wider audience, I wouldn’t be posting my work here for free, I’d have stayed in professional broadcasting.

  8. I don’t agree with everything Dr. Missler believes across the board,

    With that said, while there is some merit to the financial discussion he brought to the table, his breakdown of the plan he set up for members sort of went over my head. Maybe I need to listen to it a second or third time. With that said, I agree with him about ministers, pastors, preachers, evangelists, teachers, etc trying to be more financially independent versus taking out loans, aligning with government grants, etc to establish ministries. I agree with him using Paul as an example for this model, however I would go a step further in point to all of the apostles, disciples and Christ as a model for how fellowship and ministry should be done. There is ministry by donation, ministry by miraculous provision and ministry by independent financial stability. Dr. Missler seemed to be leaning towards stressing the latter as a model for the coming trying times.

    As to his statements on the Gospel. Technically speaking that is the Gospel. Jesus came to die for our sins, he was buried, and he rose again and is alive now. This is found in 1 Corinthians 15:1-11 with emphasis on verses 1-4, Paul also expounds on all these elements throughout his writings. Peter briefly talks about it in 1 Peter 2:24 and it is found in harmony of the synoptic Gospel testimony when coupled with the Book of Acts and John. Jesus came, he ministered, which included this message of believing in him, dieing for his sins and that he would rise again, he fulfilled his message and now sits on the right hand of God. I’m not sure what Missler said could insinuate he doesn’t think much of the Gospel unless you add various things to the basic Gospel message. This is a technical definition held by countless believers and in no way diminishes any additional Words of Christ or scripture. It is the message which the scripture builds upon.

    I’ll leave it at this, please forgive typos,

  9. Couple really bad typos I noticed so here’s a quick clarification:

    Jesus did not die for his sins, he died for ours. Sorry for that typo that could present a misunderstanding.

  10. Chuck’s not for everybody…

    He even said that near the opening of the podcast.

    What you heard here… was basically a repeat of what I had heard a week before the interview at our dinner in Brentwood, TN.

    Not sure why Chuck draws out some of the more vicious criticisms from some… but I’m thankful that Derek is discerning enough to know more facts than most.

    I appreciated the show Derek. Keep up the good work Brother… Wish I could be with ya’ll at Pikes Peak… but I have a date with my daughter this weekend in Austin. TX for the Invader Zim fan Convention “DoomCon 3”.

    1. Author

      Invader Zim conference? That would be AWESOME! Our daughter got us into it, too.

  11. Wow! Just read the comments! I am not sure some of these people are Christians! Why the hate? Chuck Missler is a wonderful teacher! Love listening to him.

    1. There’s something about Missler that drive some groups of Christians crazy. I’m one of them, on the side of enthusiasm.The other side seem to people that are hard-pressed to let go of some doctrinal views (Replacement Theology and the Seth-ite view to name the biggest)

      And Derek , you aren’t kidding! I’m ina KI bible study that will give me college credit and the material for multiple classes was $40 -that’s a lot less than even community college!

  12. Those who would criticize Chuck to the degree that some have here obviously have never listened to 66/40 or checked out his website.
    I do wish he would have spent a little more time talking about the need and ways for ministers to become more financially self sufficient rather than getting bogged down in the minutiae of his financial plan, however as one who gets bogged down in minutiae myself when explaining things, I will give him a pass this time.
    I think his analysis on churches not preaching “the gospel” was more directed to churches who don’t spend any time on the resurrection rather than at churches that preach other topics but manage to work the key elements in nearly every service. After all, there is one megachurch pastor (who I don’t listen to but he happened to be on when I came in) who spent his whole message talking about artificial sweetener. Not using it as an example in a message mind you, but his whole message.

  13. I think its fair to mention that the guest has a long history with the US military industrial complex. He helped build the infrastructure that laid the frame work for the present spying infustruture.

    He was a rabid neo-con and believed in in American exceptulisim. His belief that God only love’s the USA and Israeli is based upon one passage in scripture and is taken out of context.

    The biggest problem is when Christian’s like your guest, mix their faith with a political agenda that always seems to fit with a far right neo con agenda. Your guest was a backer of the wars in Iraqi and truly believed lies told by the Bush Neoconservatives, many saw this as the rise of facisim in the U.S.

    Do not forget the “just war” doctrine that your guest is a proponent of.

    Why. He made his living on the back of war.

  14. @Blob,

    Not to mention, he plagiarized anther man’s work and put it in one of his books (magog factor, I believe) word for word and sold it for monetary gain. That is called STEALING.

    He has never asked the author for forgiveness or made amends with him. He simply pocketed the money.

    SHAME on anyone who sticks up for this plagiarist and thief.

    Hey Derek, how about taking the time to look up the author and get him on the show to tell his story??

    Here is another example of Missler plagiarizing another author.

    “…there is evidence to suggest that our world and everything in it…
    are also only ghostly images, projections from a level of reality
    so beyond our own it is literally beyond both space and time.”
    ~ New Age author Michael Talbot, 1991[1]

    “…there is evidence to suggest that our world and everything in it
    are also only ghostly images, projections from a level of reality
    so beyond our own it is literally beyond both space and time.”
    ~ Christian author Chuck Missler, 1999[2]

    Check out this site:


  15. I enjoy VFTB as well as Chuck Missler’s teaching. I have not read the book in which he apparently plagiarized Talbot (too many books on the “to read” list) but I would like to hear a defense of the supposed plagiarism. But at the end of the day, the imperfect nature of men is why I follow Jesus alone. He is returning!

    1. Author

      I agree with you there, Tom. I can’t speak to the claim of plagiarism, but anyone who thinks Chuck is in this for the money hasn’t looked at khouse.org to see how much stuff he gives away.

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