VFTB 068: Pastor Mike Hoggard — The Watchman

Pastor Mike Hoggard

EZEKIEL DESCRIBED the duty of the watchman in ancient Judah as the man with the responsibility of sounding a warning when he saw danger. Pastor Mike Hoggard of Bethel Church in Festus, Missouri uses a video camera, but the concept is the same.

He discusses the Watchman Video Broadcast and why he feels compelled to produce it every week, the danger he sees on the horizon, and how Christians can prepare for the threat.


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  1. I love listening to and learning from you! Oh how I wish you posted transcripts of what you share. I take notes when listening to you, but I just can’t seen to absorb it all.
    Thank you for sharing with all of us!

  2. Fantastic interview, listen to him every week all the way from Australia, he’s absolutely worth listening to!

  3. His Kundalini work is not unique. Andrew Strom has been working this angle for over a year. A hint of self-aggrandizement with little quips like “you will be the first to hear” etc. Overall though, a quality guest. He has got Rick Warren and the Purpose-Driven thing nailed. Wish more of the pastors in America knew these basic facts. Love his “Bible uber alles” (Sola Scriptura) + prayer as the only approach that works. His perspective on the “Bride” was very interesting and worth further research.

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