VFTB 098: Power Quest — America’s Obsession With the Paranormal

Power QuestIT’S NO secret that Americans are a spiritual people. But please note: That isn’t the same as being a Christian nation.

Doug Woodward discusses his new book, Power Quest, Book One: America’s Obsession With the Paranormal.  He believes that the U.S. may be at risk of retracing the steps that led to the unholy alliance of fascism and spiritualism in Nazi Germany.

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  1. Jeff’s resume caught my attention with his deep involvement in the computer industry (my line of work for over 30 years). But it was his understanding of the current state of America and it foundations that got me excited. I pray this man’s voice reach a much broader audience, as many are in need of the truth he speaks.

  2. Amen to that, timby–I second your prayer that his voice reaches far and wide in this country, before we’re totally swallowed up by this fascination with all things paranormal, and/or occultic, instead of having a love and fascination for all things associated with God Almighty, and His Son, Jesus, and His only way of salvation for all of mankind, through faith in Jesus Christ–instead of trying to contact the fallen spirits, who can do nothing for us, but get us far more lost, and further from God and Christ, than we already are–amen.

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