VFTB 122: Angels and Demons

The Bible, Physics, and the Abilities of Fallen AngelsANGELS ARE popular. A quick Google search for the word “angel” returns about 435 million hits. While some of those are related to the professional baseball team, that’s still a lot of Google Juice.

But what do we really know about these supernatural beings? Are they messengers, guardians, agents of destruction–or all of the above?  Paradox Brown, author of A Modern Guide to Demons and Fallen Angels and The Bible, Physics, and the Abilities of Fallen Angels: The Alien Abduction Phenomenon discusses what we know and what we can infer about the seraphim, cherubim, and malakim, and how they interact with us mere mortals.

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  1. This interview would have been vastly improved, if Paradox had given actual locatable, pinpoint references for the rather adamant pronouncements of ‘fact’ she asserted, about the nature of angels and demons. She said an awfully large slew of ‘factoids’ about how things work, stating in tone and manner as if with incontrovertible authority. But she gave only single digits worth of vague references. That alone made the whole thing at best- boring, and at worst- discredited everything she had to offer.

  2. M: I appreciate your comments, but the interview was only intended to be an overview of her work. As mentioned during the interview, her books, complete with numerous scripture references, are available to read for free at ParadoxBrown.com.

  3. And I thought I’d better come back and clarify: My comments are not about if I agreed or disagreed with what Paradox had to say. Its that listening to someone prate a list of items as facts, without a single ‘here’s why I got that idea’ in support, or SOMETHING as if there were indeed a conversation about ideas going on… is boring. Badly so. I barely made it through the interview, and that has rarely happened to me while listening to VFTB.

  4. Derek, I didn’t pick up that it was specifically presented to give an overview or introduction to her books, but I suspected that was supposed to be the intent. I did her her mention them often, and figured a lot more fleshing out of the ideas could be found in them. There just wasn’t any give and take or spark, and nothing in the way she presented her… information… that let me to want to know more. It was almost like hearing someone read a phone book.

  5. Ms. Paradox offers in her assertions what are called in academic circles as, “Gross Speculations”. She takes 1 plus 1, and comes up with 9.

  6. On an aside…
    One can always tell when a guests makes a statement or declaration that begs for the playing of the opening strains of “The Twilight Zone theme song”…there is usually a 3-5 second silence from the host in response..:)

    Examples: Paraphrasing…”C.S Lewis might be in Hell…” and “Only the KJV is the actual word of GOD”. (Yeah, I guess those Masoretic texts and Greek Septuagint are bogus…).

    Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do….

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