Ancient Aliens DebunkedIT IS our honor to welcome back a man who has created a whole new genre of film–the “debunkumentary”. This time, he takes aim at what seems to be a key element in the programming of the History Channel the last couple of years, the theory that humanity was visited — and perhaps created — by ancient astronauts from another world.

With the help of respected ancient language expert and Bible scholar, Dr. Michael Heiser, Chris White has produced a three-hour film, Ancient Aliens Debunked (available to watch online for free — click here), that is a must-see for anyone who’s ever wondered about the pyramids, ancient megaliths, the Nazca Lines, the Annunaki, Ezekiel’s Wheel, or any number of other apparent historical anomalies.

In short, Chris demonstrates how proponents of the ancient aliens theory are either woefully uninformed or deliberately spreading a lie.

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  1. There are some guests that are really easy to make a host look good.

    … and Derek still did his best to screw it up.

    Ha ha ha… jest kiddin’ Derek… Great interview.

    1. Author

      Ha! You’re not far wrong! We recorded late on a Friday and I’d been up for a long while. Thankfully, Chris was cogent and that’s what mattered.

  2. Love the podcast and yor interview style…would like you to interview Jonathan Gray with “deadmen’s secrets”…..he is a christian archaeologist that has seen first hand technological mysteries around the world….. it would be awesome!

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