VFTB at Prophecy Summit: Dr. Lennart Moller

Lennart Moller
Dr. Lennart Moller

MANY OF the historic sites described in the Book of Exodus are fenced off and surrounded by guards and “No Trespassing” signs. It appears the government of Saudi Arabia has no desire to allow physical proof of the biblical account to come to light.

Dr. Lennart Moller, in an interview recorded at the Prophecy Summit at Pikes Peak, discusses his passion for biblical history, his travels through the Middle East, and the information he presents in his newly updated book, The Exodus Case.

Note:  During the discussion of misconceptions about Abraham, Derek misspoke.  The account of Lot’s rescue was the Battle of Nine Kings, not five.  The battle in the Vale of Siddim pitted the armies of four kings from Mesopotamia against five from the Jordan plain (Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah, Zeboyim, and Bela).  See Genesis 14.

This interview is one of about two dozen recorded over the three days of the Prophecy Summit at Pikes Peak, July 26-28, 2013. To see these interviews with all of the presentations from the Prophecy Summit, please visit our friends at Prophecy in the News.

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  1. This is another ‘keeper’. I plan on recording this and passing it around. Derek, I deeply appreciate the work that you and Sharon are doing. God bless you and your ministry.

  2. Although this comment comes after a comment left for the Pastor Mark Biltz interview, I forgot to say thanks to you and Prophecy in the News for allowing the audio to be shared through your ministry. I was unable to attend, nor afford the streaming and resulting DVD package.
    Dr. Moller presents a conundrum for us who try to follow prophecy and the plethora or dearth of information available to put the prophecies in an historical context. In essence, we’ve got history produced or hidden for a variety of reasons. For example, Saudi Arabia has been protecting Mount Sinai wittingly or unwittingly where God met with Moses. I’ve seen the video and photographs. You would have to go to a lot of trouble to fake this like the Soviets have done to their photos.
    I have Dr. Moller’s video of the chariot wheels in the Gulf of Aqaba. What caught me was the location of Ur. I immediately called up a map of Turkey to find Urfa and Harran. The one thing that perplexes me is the insistence of scholars to typify the Chaldeans as an ethnic group. There is a minority who address the Chaldees or Chaldeans as a class of scholars or to use a later description, Mages. In other words, Abram was a counselor by profession, like Daniel, who had a trade like Saul, but not a tent maker. He was a very wealthy man as noted.
    The other point I wanted to make is about locations. The Koran, Quran, doesn’t mention Jerusalem. If one looks at an old map, one can find al Qods just west of Damascus, not anywhere near Jerusalem unless goes by the old designation of greater Israel. Neat how greater Israel is soon to be restored.

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