joshua_calebWHEN JOSHUA led the Hebrews into Canaan, it was not an arbitrary campaign of genocide ordered by a jealous, murderous deity named Yahweh.  It was a war against a race created by fallen angels specifically to exterminate the bloodline that would ultimately produce the Savior of mankind — Jesus of Nazareth.

Award-winning screenwriter Brian Godawa (To End All Wars) discusses the two new entries in his Chronicles of the Nephilim series, Joshua Valiant and Caleb Vigilant.  Brian shares his thoughts on why the accounts of Joshua’s war in Canaan have been stripped of their context, why that context is so important to really understanding the Bible, and explains why using fiction to impart truth may be more effective than theology textbooks.

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  1. Excellent! To use a modern reference, a mother asks here son “How do you feel?” after a rather traumatic event in his life. His greatly delayed reply is given to his father to pass on, “I feel fine.” For those in the Star Trek mythos, it’s well known. Like the two part Vulcan greeting and parting that everybody else only uses the first part.
    I began wondering about the Greek myths after hearing a prophetic teacher talk about the jabs the Almighty God took at the Egyptian gods through the ten plagues.

  2. Derek can you look into this subject that i had just come across recently about Mailbox Color Stickers? Not sure what it is about, but seen videos on youtube and links on the net about them possibly linking to them to FEMA and such. But then i am confused since 2011 was the oldest link i found (and it was only one) when the others have been from 2013. So it is confusing as to what they are about since one link says Canada is color coding mailboxes due to junk mail level. But then alot of people link them to FEMA. My opinion so far is the colors of the stickers strangely ressemble the colors of Google and was wondering if it is part of their data mining for maps and such. Can you and Sharon look into this strange subject and try to find the truth behind it and set the record straight.

    Thank you for what you two do 🙂


  3. Thanks so much for this interview Derek.

    I’ve struggled to explain to the older members of congregations why I’m having success reaching and evangelizing the under thirty set without being called ‘heretic’ and … A few less charitable names.

    Hopefully Godawa’s Myth book will give me the tools I need to stop the arguments and build the relationships to be pleasing and effective for making a better impact in my circles of influence.

    Thanks to Brian

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