VFTB at the OPS: Doc Marquis – Dangers of the Occult

Doc Marquis
Derek Gilbert and Doc Marquis at the Orlando Prophecy Summit

MAYBE IT takes one who has come out of the life to warn others about the life. Our guest is Doc Marquis, who was raised in the occult and trained to be a witch before Christians who crossed his path shared the gospel with him.

Doc, in his inimitable style, describes his upbringing, what was expected of him, and how he managed to escape from the life into the salvation offered by faith in Jesus.

Click here for Doc’s website and here to log on to his Facebook page.

Derek and Sharon Gilbert will be at the Prophecy in the News Pikes Peak Prophecy Summit July 25-27, 2014 at the Marriott Hotel in Colorado Springs. Watch for information here.

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  1. I don’t know Doc Marquis or his work, but I could only listen to about ten minutes of that interview. I got a very strange vibe that compelled me to stop listening.

    In Chist,

    1. I must agree; there’s a unsettling ‘falseness’ going on, quite possibly. To quote one of Heinlein’s fictional protagonists: “I grok wrongness”, if you will. But, I could be wrong,
      as well.

  2. Very good program…and nothing to be afraid of, Christians really need to wake up and get on the battle field.

  3. This I think undermines credibility of the program. He quoted Lovecraft’s fictional book the necronomicon, and the fictional author of the book the Mad Arab, as if they were real. How is that not a major red flag to someones either scam or delusional state.

    Just saying.

    1. Author

      That’s a good point, Paul. I remember debating briefly whether to mention that at the time, but the moment passed and the opportunity slipped away. Enough time passed before I produced the episode that I completely forgot about his reference to the Necronomicon during our discussion.

      Having said that, and acknowledging that the published text of the Necronomicon wasn’t written until the mid-70s (probably by Peter Levenda, using the pseudonym Simon), there are people who believe that the rituals in the book can be used to summon demons. Given Peter’s research into (and apparent experience with) the occult, that may be true.

      1. possibly… but Lovecraft was a hobby of mine, I’ve not only read everything he’s written but also collected books of correspondence between him and other horror writers of the time. Their seems to be little behind the necronomicon other than imagination and inspiration from the knowledge of ancient occult books that are real. But I would be surprised if Lovecraft actually incorporated any real occult practices into the writings. He did seem to believe in some very weird story about a book written at the dawn of time, and kept in Asia. I still have no idea what he was referencing though.

  4. When he, Doc, was talking about recruiting, I thought of an initial “audit” I got from Scientology in Denver back in 1976. Had no clue what it was. The Lord had a co-worker, not a Christian, raise the “red flag” in front of me. I can understand the skepticism. Read Lovecraft. Have heard others, including VFTB, discuss the possibility Lovecraft was “inspired”. One other point. First Enoch, the Book of Jasher, and Jubilees. Non-canonical books but historical in nature. The historians of Greece and Rome have fewer surviving exemplars and yet the average person doesn’t question what the scholars present.

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