VFTB 232: Johnny Cirucci – Illuminati Unmasked (Part 1)

illuminati_unmaskedONE OF the most effective ways to destroy a movement is from the inside. This is as true for the spiritual war as it is on a physical battlefield.

We welcome a first-time guest, Johnny Cirucci, author of the new book Illuminati Unmasked, to discuss the Society of Jesus and the influence the Jesuits have had on world events. While it may seem like a conspiracy too vast, the evidence raises some important questions: Why have so many countries, including nations that are officially Roman Catholic, evicted the Jesuits over the last five centuries, and does the Society of Jesus operate in the service of, or in defiance of, the Vatican?

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  1. Wonderful, wonderful interview! I’m looking forward to the second interview with Mr. Cirucci – just fascinating information. I’ll definitely have to get his book.


  2. Awesome interview. I don’t remember being this glued to my headphones in a while. Very fine questions and very knowledgeable guest! In fact, after being kind of burned out on hearing “Illuminati” and “New World Order”, I almost didn’t want to listen to this. The details — names, locations, events — that Johnny brought out made the words meaningful again.

  3. , Dear Mr. Cirucci , i would ;like to send you my second rejection from the office of bar counsel ,
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