Immortals (1)2015 COULD be the year we learn that we’re not alone in the universe. It appears that the Vatican thinks it knows something is coming and is positioning itself to prepare the faithful for a so-called “disclosure event”.

Cris Putnam, co-author with Tom Horn of Exo Vaticana and the new book On the Path of the Immortals, joins us to discuss his research into the Roman Catholic Church’s apparent fascination with extraterrestrial life, their reasons for putting their astronomical observatory on a mountain sacred to Native Americans, and humanity’s belief since the beginning of history that mountains are the places where gods descend to meet with man.

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Download a smaller, lower-fidelity version of the mp3 of this show by clicking here.



  1. I worry that you have too much going on and just will not be able to keep vftb going – we can find another Bible study, but your podcast is ‘one of a kind’ .. ok I do love everything Skywatch is doing – just take care of yourself.
    Chris, I have the new book and looking forward to reading it!

    1. Author

      Thank you! The good news is that doing these things is basically my vocation now. I don’t have to fit things around a full-time job anymore.

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