VFTB 250: John Wilkerson – The Wired Homeschool

John Wilkerson
John Wilkerson

THE FAMILY of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar has been under a microscope since reports that their son, Josh, had admitted to molesting five minor girls as a teen. Critics have seized on the Duggars’ very public drama to take shots at homeschooling (“Duggar Case Reveals Need for More Homeschool Oversight”, “Bad Science from the Duggars’ Homeschool Cult”, “The Duggars’ Creepy Homeschool Curriculum’s Guide to Fashion”).

John Wilkerson, host of The Wired Homeschool podcast, joins us to discuss the challenges faced by homeschooling families and the effect of the Duggar case, and he offers some constructive advice for parents considering homeschooling as an option to government schools.

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