VFTB 274: John C. Wright – Science Fiction and Awful Truth

transhumanSCIENCE FICTION has been hijacked by social justice warriors who believe that fiction is not for entertainment, but for proselytizing and winning converts to their nihilistic, postmodern worldview.

Standing in the gap is a growing cadre of conservative writers, some of them openly and unashamedly Christian. Author John C. Wright is a writer of considerable skill who now holds the record for most Hugo Award nominations in a single year (six).

He also is the only author in the history of the Hugos to lose in every category for which he was nominated to “Noah Ward”.  (Say it fast–you’ll get it.)

Mr. Wright joins us for a lively discussion of worldviews, his conversion from staunch atheist to follower of Christ, and the motives of a group of insiders who decided to destroy the Hugos rather than see him win a single trophy.

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