VFTB 324: Avi Lipkin & Aaron Lipkin – Rocky Mountain Int’l Prophecy Conference

vftb324HISTORY IS more important to us than we realize. In these interviews recorded at the Rocky Mountain International Prophecy Conference, we talk with two men who use the events of the past to guide and instruct others about the future.

Aaron Lipkin, CEO of Lipkin Tours, discusses his DVD The Footsteps of God: Finding Gilgal and the work of archaeologist Adam Zertal, who passed away in 2015, in documenting the presence of Israelites in the Holy Land just as it’s recorded in the Bible.

His father, Avi Lipkin, discusses the history of conflict between Islamic sects, the origins of the reborn nation of Israel, and why those details are so important to the geopolitical situation in the Middle East.

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