VFTB 403: Rabbi Zev Porat – Visiting Israel Will Change Your Life

THERE ARE things about Jerusalem that will shock you. That’s the promise of messianic rabbi Zev Porat (www.MessiahofIsraelMinistries.org), who says there are sites most tours don’t visit that will change you forever after you see them with your own eyes.

He also gives some practical advice on how Christians can share our faith with our Jewish brothers and sisters. Click here to learn more about Zev’s amazing testimony.

Rabbi Zev Porat will join Derek and Sharon Gilbert for the SkyWatchTV Wars of the Gods Tour of Israel May 12-23, 2019, along with best-selling author Pastor Carl Gallups (‘The Rabbi Who Found Messiah,’ ‘Gods and Thrones,’ ‘Gods of Ground Zero’) and our SkyWatchTV colleagues, Justen Faull and Wes Faull. For more information and to reserve your place on the tour, log on to www.LipkinTours.com.

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