Best of VFTB: Archaeology, Sodom, and the Exodus

ANOTHER “ARCHAEOLOGY is cool” program tonight as we raid the archives for interviews with two archaeologists upsetting the applecart of generally accepted beliefs about the ancient Near East.

First, from 2016, Egyptologist David Rohl, author of Exodus: Myth or History?, challenges the consensus timeline of ancient history. Analyzing the evidence without preconceptions, David shows how the evidence for the Exodus, the conquest of Canaan, and the rise of the kingdom of David has been right in front of scholars all along.

Then Dr. Phillip Silvia of Trinity Southwest University, Field Supervisor and Director of Scientific Analysis for the Tall el-Hammam Excavation Project, explains why a site in Jordan about five miles from Mount Nebo is the site of ancient Sodom. 

You can find Dr. Silvia’s research at, and you can buy books about the research of the team at Tall el-Hammam from Trinity Southwest University Press.

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