VFTB Live: Minister Dante Fortson — Hunting the Supernatural

Dante FortsonMinister Dante Fortson, host of The Omega Hour and author of the new e-book How To Hunt The Supernatural, discussed the Angelic Research Center and what he’s learned from his study of the paranormal. He also talked about the upcoming Omega Hour Conference with L.A. Marzulli and Andrew Hoffman August 27 & 28 in Las Vegas.

In the second hour, Derek talked about the simmering conflict between Israel and Turkey, the timing of the “discovery” of vast mineral wealth in Afghanistan, and Faith2Action president Janet Porter’s new plan to reclaim America: a movie about her life.

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Click the arrow on the player below to listen now, or right-click (control-click if you have a Mac) the “download” link to save the mp3 file to your hard drive.


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  1. I just wanted to say that I agree with your guest as far as the English language is concerned. I speak another language and sometimes it takes a whole sentence in English, just to explain one word in this other language, so I can fully understand the frustration with trying to translate from the Hebrew and Greek…it was a terrific show and very interesting. I hope you invite him back soon.’guest fro Australia so I couldn’t join the chat room.
    God bless

  2. Re: conference … please consider online conferences on the weekends. Complete with charges and seminar sign-up. That would solve the travel and venue problems.

    Re: supernatural … seems like prison would have both extremes, perhaps DF should check out Alcatraz….

    Re: territorial spirits … that old john wayne spirit drops off and the spirit of carnivale takes over right about Vidor traveling from Houston into Louisiana. Or at least it used to… been a while since I’ve made the trip.

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