VFTB Live: Guy Malone — What’s Next

Guy Malone

AFTER A dozen years in Roswell, Guy Malone of Alien Resistance Ministries begins a new phase of life and ministry, moving from sunny Roswell to sunny Florida.

We discuss the move, the evidence connecting the UFO phenomenon to the doctrines of demons, and what’s next for Guy and his wife, Nicole (A/K/A Paradox Brown).

Also:  Glenn Beck’s health; massive bank fraud behind the halt in foreclosures; and the Taliban funded by American and British taxpayers through tens of millions of dollars in protection money.


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  1. 1. If Nephilim could be saved, why did God send the Great Flood? Why didn’t He have Noah convert them all? Noah preached for 120 years and not one Nephilim repented.

    IF the modern Nephilim can be saved, they have nothing in common with the ancient Nephilim, and it is wrong to use any bible verse to understand the modern Nephilim. Demons are dead Nephilim, as you fully know. Are live Nephilim “aliens” not yet demons? Can demons now be saved?

    Yet you, Derek, sat right there and let Heretic 647 (Guy Malone) spout his ridiculous heresy on your show without so much as a single word or Word of objection. You are just a tool in the Accuser’s toolbox. There are no cowards in Heaven! Speak out against this ridiculous abomination of our faith!

    2. We needed to obliterate the Taliban government of Afghanistan. We still have not done that. The idea is not wrong. Giving up the idea (e.g. leaving Afghanistan) is not even a strategic possibility. How did that work out in Viet Nam? Compare to Korea, where a partial victory was 1000% percent better than a total failure.

    A country cannot afford to lose even a single war. Do you really want to be France? We had to attack Afghanistan to send a message to the world. DO NOT MESS WITH THE USA. That message has been so weak and feeble that it has hurt us around the world. How can that be repaired? By going home? HA HA HA!

    3. There are not enough healthy brains behind your microphone to sustain bovine spongiform encephalopathy.

  2. Author

    HalfaBrain: it’s astonishing that you can be so sure of your theology without a single verse of scripture to back you up. Please cite chapter and verse where it says the Nephilim cannot be saved.

    You may be right, and in fact I’m inclined to agree with you. However, the only verses condemning the Nephilim forever that I’m aware of — and they only apply to the Nephilim wiped out by the Flood — are in the Book of Enoch, which, as Guy pointed out, is not in the Bible.

    As for obliterating the Taliban, please share with us exactly how we do that. Gen. Petraeus would be most interested.

    We’ve been on this mission for eight years, twice as long as it took to beat Hitler. After eight years, we control the territory around Kabul and that’s about it. In fact, that’s exactly why billions — that’s billions with a B — of American tax dollars are paid to the Taliban so they won’t attack our supply trucks.

    Do you understand that? After eight years of waging war against the Taliban, soldiers of the most powerful military force in the history of Planet Earth receive the food, water, fuel, and ammunition they need because we pay protection money to the enemy.

    What do you think the Taliban is doing with that money? Tell me how this indicates any hope of victory in Afghanistan.

    I understand retaliating against the Taliban. We did that in 2002. We should have declared “mission accomplished” and come home.

  3. Let me try spelling it out for you one more time.

    1. The Nephilim are described in Genesis 6:1-4 as offspring of fallen angels and humans. CHAPTER AND VERSE.
    2. The word for “demon” in the Hebrew Torah/Tanak is “tamunephil”. That translates as “dead Nephilim”.
    3. Ergo, Nephilim are demons which have not yet suffered physical death. FROM THE BIBLE, not Enoch.
    3a. Your heretical guest directly stated that Enoch should be canonized.
    4. All scripture, both new and old, is clear that we should have NOTHING TO DO with demons. (I Corinthians 10:20-21) You cannot witness to someone if you have NOTHING TO DO with them. Ergo, demons cannot be saved, and since Nephilim = demons, Nephilim cannot be saved.
    5. You never even took one single second to discuss ANY of this with VFTB Heretic 647 (Guy Malone). You just let him go right on without even discussing it. You just posted that you’re inclined to agree with me. We agree. Yet you said *nothing* to a man who claims God will give salvation to DEMONS.

    Too many steps? Too complicated? Bottom line, you broadcast a *literal doctrine of demons* to the whole world, without a word of objection. May God grant you mercy.

    6. We are in Afghanistan, making a token effort at winning. Successful war has two elements. One is to CRUSH the enemy mercilessly and without discrimination or restraint. Continue until every single enemy asks for mercy or is killed. As soon as all resisting enemies are dead and the rest have stopped resisting, THEN it is time to unleash the torrent of American love and compassion. Germany and Japan are the models. First the A-bomb, then the new, imposed Constitution, then the second-largest economy in the world. Any other plan or order, any other system, is doomed.

    Petraeus is sham. Look at Iraq today. Violence is increasing as American presence decreases – because we never actually conquered the country. Patraeus just happened to be in charge during the surge. That surge was the only good thing we did in Iraq. We simply didn’t do it nearly hard enough.

    First rule: Never, ever go to war. Second rule: If you break the first rule, do it with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind. There are no SMALL wars, because no country can afford to ever lose a war. You always lose the small ones. If you are not wholly committed to winning at any cost whatsoever, then don’t break Rule One.

    Obama and the cowardly quitters like you will choose Viet Nam. And America will pay for it.

  4. Doesn’t Isaiah 26:14 pretty much prove nephilims don’t have resurrection/can’t be saved?


    “As Rephaim they were well known, and are often mentioned: but, unfortunately, instead of this, their proper name, being preserved, it is variously translated as “dead”, “deceased”, or “giants”. These Rephaim are to have no resurrection. This fact is stated in Isaiah 26:14 (where the proper name is rendered “deceased”, and verse 19, where it is rendered “the dead”).”

  5. I truly believe that God has always wanted to show us that “man” cannot rule “man” thus looking around it is right in front of ones face unless there head is in the sand. Looking at what is going on in the enemies camps as in the (unseen) is wise we need intel to pray and bring the gospel to those that need it! The body of Christ all have different gifts and talents that work together for the Kingdom of God. What I am trying to convey is …If you disagree with your brother do so in a loving way. Keep up the good work Derek!

  6. HalfABrain: We agree on the origin of the Nephilim. Please specify chapter and verse referring to the word tamunephil. The Old Testament has only a couple of verses in which a Hebrew word is translated “demon”, (and not in all English translations; the KJV renders them “devils”), and the Hebrew words are shed and shuwd.

    The only document that explicitly identifies demons as the souls of dead Nephilim is the Book of Enoch — which, if you listen carefully to what Guy actually said, is not canon for a reason.

    In other words, Guy said exactly the opposite of what you think. He does not take Enoch as authoritative because it is not scripture. It appears that you give more weight to the Book of Enoch than Guy.

    And all this is irrelevant anyway. Guy was asked a hypothetical question: If there are living Nephilim in the world today, can they be saved?

    Given that there is nothing in scripture that specifically says a living Nephilim cannot exercise free will, repent, and accept Jesus Christ as Lord, Guy allowed as how maybe they could. That’s all. Given that that is nothing in scripture that says Guy is absolutely wrong on that point, I had no basis to call him a heretic.

    All this demonstrates why political consultants tell their clients to never, ever answer hypothetical questions.

    Now, on the subject of Afghanistan: it’s very easy for you and me to be brave sitting here behind our keyboards. So let’s dispense with the ad hominem attacks and address this like intelligent men.

    The U.S. has been in country for nine years. We haven’t subdued the country or we wouldn’t be paying protection money to the Taliban.

    This may be due in part to the rules of engagement adopted by our military leaders which are designed to limit civilian casualties. No doubt the Taliban takes advantage of our soldiers’ unwillingness to shoot through women and children.

    The Russians tried to subdue Afghanistan for ten years with more men and fewer restrictions on who they killed, and they couldn’t do it. That may be due in part to the heroic opposition of the freedom fighters trained and armed by the CIA and Pakistan’s intelligence service, the ISI. You know those freedom fighters as the Taliban.

    Unless we are willing to commit more men and shed more blood than the Russians, we’re not going to “win” in Afghanistan.

    It’s astounding that you would lecture me on Christian doctrine and then advocate the slaughter of tens of millions of people, possibly in a nuclear exchange (because to eliminate the Taliban, we’ll have to invade Pakistan, which has nuclear weapons), just so the United States can claim victory.

    Please show us from scripture how you, as a Christian, can possibly justify such a bloodthirsty view.

  7. What makes Malone so sure that the Nephilim/Watchers theory (and that’s all it is, a theory) is the “Biblical view of the UFO phenomenon?

    I’m a Christian and I don’t believe a word of it. There’s no substantial evidence. I ‘m still waiting for that Nephilim DNA to be brought forward as a “smoking gun.” Never has. Absolutely no forensic evidence for any of this.

    HalfABrain is an arrogant narcissus, and he doesn’t have any understanding of the imperial geostrategy driving our efforts in Afghanistan or any of the Central Asian republics. But I have to agree with him on one thing: the Nephilim/Watchers theory is bunk.

    I won’t go as far as he does by saying its heretical. I am really fed up with junior heresy hunters that haven’t even done an ounce of legitimate theological study to know what they’re talking about.

    How many of these people screaming heresy ever cite St. Irenaeus, who was continuing in the tradition of St. John and St. Paul in identifying the Gnostic and heretical sects that cropped up? Not a one, because they have done no serious reading and their work is devoid of serious scholarship.

    That being said, this Nephilim/Watchers hypothesis, when placed under closer scrutiny, is little more than regurgitated UFOlogy with a twisted Christology grafted on to it. It’s the same old myth with some Christian elements blended in.

    Here’s my theory. Much of this started with Chuck Missler. Missler is quick to point out his intelligence connection. And we know they do exist because of his participation in the CNP (Richard Viguerie is a member and he provides a bridge to the “private” CIA).

    I think intelligence circles floated the UFO myth to Missler, knowing that he was a poor, misguided soul who would take the bate and put a Christian spin on it. These intelligence elements may have wanted to see a Christian variation on the myth rise so as to encourage end-time and millennial fever.

    So now, whenever something strange appears in the sky, misguided people of faith will scream, “Repent! The end is nigh! As it was in the days of Noah, so it is now!”

    1. Author

      Paul: your objections I have no problem with. Guy has presented his case in far more depth than he did on this show, and I direct you to http://www.alienresistance.org or http://www.alienstranger.com to investigate the evidence and his conclusions.

      Guy has stated publicly, at this year’s Roswell UFO festival, that the 1947 crash was an accident involving man-made technology imported from Germany after World War II, and that he doesn’t see any evidence that we have been visited by ET or that the Nephilim walk among us.

      He does suggest, as have secular researchers such as the late Dr. John Mack, that the accounts of people who claim to have been contacted or abducted by aliens bear an undeniable and highly improbable similarity to demonic possession–especially in light of over 400 testimonials from people who no longer suffer such attacks after accepting Christ as Lord and calling on His authority to make them stop.

      In addition, Guy and Joe Jordan, who called in late in the hour, made a point of stating that the “return of the Nephilim” meme is unprovable and a distraction.

      Of course, there is no physical proof that UFOs are fallen angels pulling a scam on the human race, either. The evidence is in the consistently antichristian message of the “alien gospel” reported by contactees, and as such, the fallen angel/UFO paradigm does have, to borrow a phrase from Mike Heiser, explanatory power.

      Now, it’s entirely possible that the estimated several hundred thousand to 3 million Americans who claim to have been contacted and/or abducted are delusional, lying, or part of a massive psyop, and I am open to evidence suggesting that to be the case.

  8. I’m cautious with Mack’s findings. It has been asserted that Rockefeller money was flowing into his institute.

    I agree entirely with Guy concerning Roswell. The accident was given a spin and used for purposeful myth making, in my opinion.

    I can’t really get impressed with the 400 testimonials. They are anecdotal, and we really don’t know what was going on between these people’s ears.

    I did find Vallee’s Passage to Magonia compelling when looking at the parallels between demonic attack and abduction.

    I think HalfABrain needs to cool the jets and work on presentation. A little too heavy on the CAPS locks. Only the unstable sream over the Internet. But, between the lines, he/she/it has some valid points.

  9. Derek,
    Dr. Chris Ward stated in the last Christian Symposium on Aliens in Roswell that he had “issue” given to him by women who claimed to have been accosted by demons. If true, this could be proof of “angelic” DNA.

  10. Also, Dr. David Jacobs has said that he has had the uterine tissue tested of women who claim to have been impregnated by aliens and then found the baby gone when they go in to have abortions. The tissue contained evidence that they had indeed been pregnant.
    Joe Jordan may very well have had women come to him with the same dilemma. Would it not be possible to have them tested? If it is under Joe’s supervision, the Rockefeller Institute would not be a factor.

  11. Paul,
    It’s “Passport to Magonia.”

  12. Sorry if I’m being tedious, but I just thought of another possible source of evidence. Butch Witkowski, Director of UFO Research for Pennsylvania, has spoken on C2C and L.A. Marzulli’s Acceleration Radio. He describes on both broadcasts an incident of human multilation that is remarkable similar to cattle mutilations – including the evidence that what was done to this poor soul happened while he was still alive – and that his body was found 40 feet off the ground in a large grove of pine woods far from any town. He had to have been dropped from some flying vehicle.
    I think there is possible forensic evidence for demonic/alien physical interference with human beings; it just hasn’t been pursued.
    I would very much prefer to believe Guy; it would be more comfortable, but I don’t think it would be intellectually honest. Not yet, anyway. Not until these avenues I’ve mentioned have been disproven.

  13. Human Mutilations & Abduction Phenomena

    Host: Art Bell
    Guests: Butch Witkowski

    Filling in for George, Art Bell was joined for the entire duration of the program by Butch Witkowski, Director of the UFO Research Center of Pennsylvania, for a discussion on human mutilation cases that share astonishing similarities to cattle mutilations. Such cases of human mutilations have been reported around the world. In 2005, three families were found in the Beni Mazar region of Egypt mutilated just like cattle, Witkowski disclosed. A combat photographer in Vietnam claimed to have found a downed B-52 aircraft with the crew still strapped into their seats and mutilated in a similar fashion, he added. “I think our little grey brethren from outer space are a little bit more malevolent than they are benevolent,” Witkowski opined.

    One of the best documented cases of human mutilation occurred in 1988 at the Guarapiranga Dam in Brazil. Photos of the crime scene as well as the autopsy report are readily available online, Witkowski said. As in cattle mutilations, the victim’s body was drained of blood and marked by unusual holes, his sensory organs (eyes, ears, tongue) were taken, the anus had been cored out, and the digestive and reproductive systems removed. Even more gruesome, the man had been alive during his dismemberment, Witkowski noted. Although the victim had been killed 48 to 72 hours prior to discovery, there were no signs of decomposition or rigor mortis, the body had no odor, and, stranger still, no wounds from predators, he continued. It is typical for predators to avoid feeding on mutilated carcasses, Witkowski added, speculating that radiation may have something to do with keeping the animals away.

    Witkowski also addressed abduction phenomena, pointing out that about 30,000 people go missing each year and are never seen or heard from again. He believes the government may be complicit in some of these disappearances, and suspects a deal with extraterrestrials was brokered sometime in the 1950s. Witkowski commented on an abduction case sent in by a woman named Barbara. According to her report, a man was taken and murdered by aliens at Montour Ridge, near the town of Northumberland, Pennsylvania. Rescue workers and volunteers found him on the evening of the second day of their search. He was emaciated (not bloated), wearing only his underwear, and had an expression of horror on his face. Farmers in the area reported seeing a “large round bright object” pull something up into a beam of light. The autopsy uncovered no cause for death, though the toxicology report indicated the cause was from a cocaine overdose. Witkowski said the puzzling case remains open.


  14. Rose,

    Thanks for the correction. I was typing fast and didn’t take the time to go back and check. Read Passport to Magonia several years ago. Good book.

    I stated that the assertion is that John Mack’s institute is reputed to have received Rockefeller money, not Joe Jordan or David Jacobs. So neither of what they have to say makes the Rockefeller angle a non-issue.

    You bring up a lot of anecdotals, but no test (with the exception of Jacobs and the uterine tissue, which does not prove alien intrusion. Simply shows that the women had been pregnant, something any male human adult could have done).

    People can say they have proof all they want. If they produce it, does it really exist?

    If you read the first three chapters of Genesis, the account St. Paul’s Mars Hill appeal in the book of Acts and the book of Romans, you find a demythologizing process. The scripture essentially says, “Look, don’t worship the sun, moon, sky, natural elements, or animals like the pagans. Don’t worship any created thing or ascribe supernatural value to them. God is transcendant.”

    The blending of UFology and the Bible seems to be an attempt to reverse this process. Somebody wants to introduce irrationality and superstition to our faith.

    Marzulli, Horn, and a list of others are helping this process along. Marzulli and Horn are doing it not because they are agents of some sinister power, but because they are cynical people who want to make money. That’s my opinion.

    When I wrote for Horn’s website, all the man would talk about is marketing. He doesn’t care if trafficking in this garbage transforms Christianity into a superstitious train wreck; he just wants to make money, and he knows that yellow journalism will allow him to do just that.

    Other people, however, those who seemed to have gotten this Nephilim ball rolling, such as Betty Andreasson Luca and Chuck Missler, are in a different category. In my opinion, they are sincere but misguided pawns that were used to spread a myth that would have adverse effects on the faith.

  15. Hi, Paul,
    I didn’t mean to assert that the Rockefeller angle was a non-issue. I meant to say that Joe wouldn’t be influenced in such a way.
    But I do mean to say that there is potential evidence that is not being tested. As of that symposium, Chris Ward did have potential evidence in his freezer, but it hasn’t been tested. That’s my point. Just because it hasn’t been tested, doesn’t mean the potential does not exist. Therefore, it is not accurate to say that all of this is a myth. It may be, but we don’t know yet. And the police reports of the U.S. and Brazillian gov’ts are not proof in and of themselves, but they are proof that something highly unusual happened.
    I don’t mean to be dull but I don’t understand what you mean by the mythologizing of our faith. No one is worshipping (of the ones you mentioned or the people on this post) the ufos or created beings. We’re trying to understand what’s going on and what the Bible really says. I do not claim to understand it fully, but I am very familiar with the passages you’ve mentioned. I have also had run-ins with demonic (not “alien”) beings, and I know from experience that they are real.

  16. Rose,

    “I have also had run-ins with demonic (not “alien”) beings, and I know from experience that they are real.”

    I’m not telling you this did not happen. I have had what I consider to be both positive and negative spiritual experiences throughout my life.

    These sorts of claims, however, are completely subjective. They are a matter of private revelation and not constitutive of proof.

    “I don’t mean to be dull but I don’t understand what you mean by the mythologizing of our faith. No one is worshipping (of the ones you mentioned or the people on this post) the ufos or created beings.”

    I didn’t say that. Superstition would include attributing supernatural or divine value to earthly or natural things (like nuts and bolts craft, which many UFOs seem to be). When Christians do that, they revert to an irrationality that existed among pagan peoples of antiquity. This eventually renders the faith of non-effect.

    Most of the evidence is suggestive of a terrestial-based manipulation. Myths are powerful and can be used for social and political purposes. That includes a well-constructed myth involving UFOs and aliens. Even when the myth includes a twisted Christology, the end result is the same: manipulation. That is, in my opinion, at the core of the UFO phenomenon.

  17. I agree with you wholeheartedly that manipulation is at the core of this: manipulation and deceit.

  18. Agreed, Paul. Regardless of how we interpret the evidence, the undeniable fact is that somebody is going to a lot of trouble to spread the alien gospel. And perhaps the goal is to prompt the type of response Nick Redfern writes about in his new book, Final Events.

    The dialectic would be this: New Age gospel on the one hand, courtesy of our space brothers; Dominionist backlash on the other as Christians so terrified by the prospect of a takeover by fallen angels masquerading as ETs that they try to save the world by taking it over and forcing everyone to convert at the point of a gun, if necessary.

    Either way, the neo-gnostics get their victory.

  19. Hmmmm… Well, I’m glad that both of you gentlemen are products of the 21st Century. If you lived two millenia ago in ancient Israel, you would have stoned the young Mary because her explanation for her pregnancy, and later the testimony of her fiance, were purely “anecdotal.”

  20. Rose, please remember that I’m the one who pointed to the testimony of the 400 contactees and abductees as evidence that this is a spiritual phenomenon!

    Paul may be skeptical, and that’s his right. I know the man who collected those testimonies, however, and Joe Jordan seems to be an intelligent, well-adjusted man who functions at a high level in a demanding career and holds a position of responsibility that requires effective communication and cooperation with others.

    Further, he’s a former New Ager who accepted Christ in large part because of the evidence he collected as a state section leader for MUFON, a group not known for a predisposition to accepting a spiritual explanation for the UFO phenomenon.

    I find that evidence compelling. My point was simply that the big picture here, which is being lost in the arguments over hypothetical questions like “could a living Nephilim be saved”, is that somebody or some thing is working very hard to disseminate the New Age alien gospel. Evil intelligences walk among us and contend with us (Eph 6:12), and their involvement explains much.

  21. Rose,

    Seriously? Are you actually equating yourself with Jesus’s mother?

    Since when did you have a child without being sexually intimate with a mortal man?

    Jesus was able to confirm His divine origins through signs, miracles, and wonders. What do we have that confirms your personal story outside of your own word?

    It sounds like you just want to be considered special and that’s why you claim contact with other-worldly beings. You are seeking attention, so you say on the Internet, where God and everyone else can read it, that you have had “run-ins” with the demonic.

    Seems narcissistic to me.

    Seek help.

  22. “Dominionist backlash on the other as Christians so terrified by the prospect of a takeover by fallen angels masquerading as ETs that they try to save the world by taking it over and forcing everyone to convert at the point of a gun, if necessary.”

    I don’t see this as even a remote possibility.

    Why do you think the dominionists represent such a clear and present danger? What’s with the fixation when there are larger fish in the global food chain?

    This assumes that Christians who subscribe to the “Nephilim/Watcher” thesis are dominionists. Most are not.

    Dominionism role in the larger scheme of things is much different from what you think.

    It was one of the latest variants on mystical imperialism, meant to be an adhesive to unify all the competing imperial elements here in the United States. It failed. Factionalism among Western elites that seek empire is now worse.

    So Dominionism has fallen by the wayside for the time being. It may regain political capital at a later date, but, for now, power has shifted to other elements.

    If UFOs were to appear tomorrow, the more likely outcome among Christian would be a dramatic retreat into escapist fantasies of being raptured.

  23. I want to also add that Malone unwittingly flirts with Gnosticism himself.

    His website directs people the “Spiritual Not Religious” website for his spiritual views.

    The whole idea of “Christianity is a relationship, not a religion” is inherently Gnostic. It rejects the corporate and collective aspects of our faith and rejects legitimate authority and hierarchy in the Church.

    Sorry. Faith is not just you and Jesus alone in your prayer closet. There is structure and discipline involved in the Christian faith. Like it or not.

    When you abandon these things, you are left in the woods of private interpretation and subjectivity and quickly on your way to relativism. All too often, I have seen this twist people’s understanding of Christology.

  24. I don’t see this as even a remote possibility.

    Why do you think the dominionists represent such a clear and present danger? What’s with the fixation when there are larger fish in the global food chain?

    You may be right. I mentioned the speculative dialectic only because it was inspired by the central theme of Redfern’s new book. His sources tell him a secretive group inside the intelligence community has been mulling a false flag terror incident (like a small nuke in a major American city), an alien disclosure event, or something that triggers such panic that people submit to the imposition of a Christian Reconstructionist society, which this group believes is the only way to save us all from the fallen angels that want to feed on our souls.

    Now, maybe this is just another disinfo campaign (and one that will probably reinforce the belief of angry New Agers and atheists that we Christians are fascists who’ve substituted the cross for the swastika). But Dominion theology is a threat, and one that’s especially dangerous because so few seem to recognize it. Kingdom Now theology presents average, everyday Christians with a lie that’s especially appealing as our culture decays into turpitude: “God wants us to be wealthy, healthy, and in charge of the planet.”

    The elites will always provide us with big fish to fry. Dominion theology is luring well-meaning Christians into building their fire.

  25. “The elites will always provide us with big fish to fry. Dominion theology is luring well-meaning Christians into building their fire.”

    These kind of statements maybe exciting, but they are half-truths at best.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the majority of people, Christians included, don’t take these people seriously anymore.

    The neocon faction tried to use them to come up with a unifying belief system for all of the factions in the American Empire. That failed miserably; there’s division now than ever. No one bought into what the Dominionists were selling.

    The danger ahead of us is much greater than what is behind us. The old money of the Eastern Establishment have recaptured the throne and they are ready to impose brutal austerity measures on America.

    That is something the Bush crowd never even contemplated. They just said, “Here’s check, go out and buy something nice.”

    The American middle class will disappear much quicker under current conditions.

    In the world of deep politics and sub rosa level intelligence, fringe groups always come and go and get cast aside when they no longer serve a purpose. Dominionism is no different.

    It may, in fact, get a second go around. Rick Warren has been rumbling lately and I do have concern about his connection to the Muslim Brotherhood. But dominionists are way behind the curve, lacking the influence or power of old money.

    In this field, one has to discern between principle characters and supporting cast.

  26. Just heard th guy malone interview, and this is by far one of the best things I’ve heard lately. He especially drove home the point to me that its important to realize ufos and abductions could very well be illusion completely. I myself have been getting wrapped up in the modern nephilim thing. We need to realize that our enemy is clever. Do we need to worry if modern nephilim can be saved? No. That is God’s call. Do we need to worry about nephilim hybrids? God will protect us from them as He did Isarel.

    Though I think illusion answers many cases, I cannot rule out the possibility of physical abductions and a modern breeding program. There are some researchers who speak on military abductions, which means physical abductions. They could easily use illusion to mask a physic abduction. Not to mention, they could be doing a breeding program a real one. Nephilim? Maybe. Eugenic? Absolutely. Though I think that’s possible, I still think Guy is on the whole right, in that we need to not get wrapped up in fringe theology, and stay grounded in the evidence there is so the church can benefit.

  27. “His sources tell him a secretive group inside the intelligence community has been mulling a false flag terror incident (like a small nuke in a major American city), an alien disclosure event, or something that triggers such panic that people submit to the imposition of a Christian Reconstructionist society, which this group believes is the only way to save us all from the fallen angels that want to feed on our souls.”

    Who are Redfern’s “sources?” I noticed that they were not in the Intelligence Community; they are merely a “secretive group” making claims about the the Intelligence Community.

  28. What I meant to say “sources” making claims about a “secretive group within the Intelligence Community”

    Either way, my point stands: this is a questionable source and thus a questionable assertion.

    I think it’s kind of an appeal to the sensational referring to a “secretive group within the Intelligence Community.” Everyone, positive elements included, is secretive in the IC. I’ve known intel squirrels who won’t tell you about everything that crosses their desks. But referring to a “secretive group” is neat and exciting and it sells books and gets listeners.

    Does Redfern have any actual sources in the IC? Can what they say be supported with open source intel?

    The imposition of a Christian Reconstructionist society is not even a remote possibility because reconstructionism is old news, even among most dominionists who have modified their beliefs several times over. Rushdoony is laughed at, even in conservative circles.

    What makes you think that alien invaders would push Christians and everybody else into the arms of waiting Rushdoony disciples? That doesn’t make any sense, no matter how you put it. Wouldn’t a secular model of world order be made just as appealing by the ensuing panic?

    It just seems to me like you are trying to concoct something to believe as opposed to seeing what the available evidence suggests.

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