VFTB 069: Nick Redfern — Final Events

Final Events

IT’S RARE that new information emerges in UFO research, but we’re honored this week to feature a man who’s managed to disclose the existence of a group that’s remained under the radar of ufologists for over 60 years.

Researcher and author Nick Redfern discusses his new book Final Events and the Secret Government Group on Demonic UFOs and the Afterlife, in which he describes a secret group inside the U.S. intelligence community called the Collins Elite. Formed in the wake of the 1947 Roswell crash, the Collins Elite came to believe that UFOs are the product of fallen angels who want to harvest human souls, and that radical action — imposition of an Old Testament form of morals and dogma on a planetary scale — is needed to save humanity from a hellish end.

Final Events is a must-read for anyone who sees through the thin scientific veneer of the UFO phenomenon.  The Collins Elite, if indeed Redfern’s sources were telling the truth, are not Christians.  Christ never called his followers to literally conquer the world and make disciples by force, which logic tells us doesn’t work anyway.

Sadly, there are those who either can not or will not make a distinction between true followers of Jesus Christ and those who seek dominion in His name.


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  1. Very interesting show. Author sounds as if he has no axes to grind or pockets to pick. He believes in his research methods, but still wonders if data was fed to him as a disinformation campaign. All the right names and the puzzle pieces fit better than almost any I’ve listened to on this topic. Inclined to believe the story, but is it just my wishful thinking? Maybe, but maybe not…

  2. Derek, love your show! You should have the folks at Creation Misistries (Creation.com) on your show. They presented to our church last night and spoke of UFOs and demonic deception in some depth. Had no knowledge of the “Collins Elite”. Would make for good conversation and resources.

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