THE FIRST law of thermodynamics dictates that energy cannot come from nothing. The Big Bang Theory demands exactly the opposite conclusion.  David Hitt identifies the domain he believes gave rise to, and now provides the foundation for, the universe.

For those inclined to attach a theological meaning to things, David shows why an entity that exists in this domain qualifies as God. The question then remains: do any entities that have been purported throughout history as being gods actually qualify as God?

Also: details on the upcoming Future Congress on Emerging Threats and Challenges; how you can tell when President Obama is lying; and the case against Dominique Strauss-Kahn falls apart (surprise, surprise).

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  1. Derek,

    Thank you for making my decision as to which talk to go to even more difficult in Branson!

    Amazing interview with David. He has some insight that sounds out there, but definitely grounded in scripture. This is why VFTB should be the NUMBER 1 Christian talk radio show in the world in my humble opinion.

    Anyways, sorry to miss the chat, I would’ve loved to ask him some questions. God Bless the Gilberts…and Sam T.

  2. Derek,

    Enjoyed the “Dimensionless” show! As an systems engineer, much of what David Hitt had to say really rings true with ideas I have about time and its implications. I would recommend a book to you (if you haven’t already read it) called “Reign of the Servant Kings” by Joseph Dillow. If you want to locate a copy then shoot me an email. David Hitt touched upon the essence of the book. It has to do with the believer’s final destiny and our inheritance in Christ. I suspect that David knows of Dillow’s work as his ideas about our future in our resurrected bodies parallel his thoughts. Also Dillow is a Dallas Theological Seminary graduate.

    The show really parallels some discussions I have been having in my MEMRA class with Dr. Heiser. The discussion of Leviathan, Chaos and how they tie into a theodicy have been getting into the idea of creation ex nihilo and creation continua. I am an ex nihilo advocate. Others in the class are not.

    Tell Sharon that Delilah says thanks for the birthday wishes. We live in SW Indiana (near Jasper). Delilah has some Illinois family connections close to you and Sharon (Marshall). Delilah is originally from Terre Haute.

    Lord Bless you, Sharon and Sam T. (Hahns says woof woof!)

    In His Service,


  3. Absolutely fascinating conjunction of theology & physics! It actually makes sense to me. Only drawback of it is it’s not very good for evangelism. Early on in Hitt’s talk, I was thinking about asking my brother, a deterministic-atheist, to listen to it. But by the time Hitt got to the end, it was sounding like we’re all solidly pre-destined to salvation or not — I didn’t see any space in there motivate anyone to accept Christ. Atheists like my brother would probably just figure that it proves what he believed – that heaven’s not for him 🙁
    I’d love to know what Hitt would say about how, within the context of his theory, you might be able to motivate anyone to accept Christ . . . ?

    1. Author

      Hi, Kathleen: That’s a debate Calvinists and Arminians have been having for hundreds of years!

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