Babylon RisingIT’S NOT unusual for conservative preachers to refer to America as a modern-day Babylon. They may be more correct than they know.

Rob Skiba joins us to discuss his new book, Babylon Rising: And the First Shall be Last.  He tells us why he believes the first king of the land later called Babylon — Nimrod — may literally be on his way back to try to reclaim his throne.

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  1. hi derek great show as usual. love rob, on same page as myself. however i disagree with the no female angels thought. Zecharia 5 speaks of a woman with the wings of a stork who holds the ephaph. she was there with “the angel who spoke to me” as zecharia states. this statement i believe intimates she is also an angel.

  2. Awesome as always.

    This is a great overview/review of nephilim, Nimrod, and Peter Goodgame’s stuff all in one show saving one the time to track it all down separately. But it’s not just a simple rehash, Rob offers plenty of new insights to keep it fresh.

    PS, as an aspiring novelist/fiction writer, I am quite jealous of mr. Skiba’s accomplishments. I wish him the best nonetheless

  3. Loved this show–thank you both, Derek and Ron!–and, Mark, as to the two females mentioned in Zecharia 5–they had the wings of a stork, and storks are unclean birds–so, if they represented angels, it was the fallen type–but, it is interesting to wonder if God did create both male and female angels–something to think about, anyway:)–and, they carried ‘wickedness’ in that basket, taking it back to where it “started from”–not California, [thanks be to God!]–but, back to the site of ancient Babylon, in Iraq–it’s there that God will finally destroy it[wicked Babylon, itself] once and for all time, so it needs to be there–or have it’s current ‘headquarters’ back where it started from, before that happens.

  4. hi christie, sorry we must agree to disagree. they were doing God’s work. i also believe they would be identified as fallen ones.

  5. Oh, ok–I see what you mean–I had gotten my info on that passage from Zecharia from Chuch Missler’s teachings on a video I’d watched, and their wings being those of a stork, with the stork being a unclean bird, is why I came to the conclusion I did about them–but, it could very well be the way you understand it–so, yes–agreeing to disagree, agreeably–amen.:)

  6. agreeably sister!!!

    God bless!!!

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