alien geneticsTHIS PROGRAM has devoted a fair amount of time to the topic of the Nephilim. Some of the discussion focused on the historical giants that walked the Earth; some has delved into speculation that the Nephilim may be returning — especially as a possible explanation for the UFO phenomenon.  Sadly, debate over whether the “men of renown” from chapter 6 of the Book of Genesis are coming back has grown contentious in some quarters of the Internet.

Guy Malone of Alien Resistance HQ joins us to discuss the topic.  He says that while evidence suggests that the UFO phenomenon is spiritual rather than extra-terrestrial, the evidence for a return of the giants is thin at best.  What’s more, he says, debate over the Nephilim has become a distraction. For more, see

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  1. Good times, good times.. thanks Derek! You/others might also be interested in the recent video “What in those days and also after that” means (more specific to Genesis 6 than our talk together) excerpted from Nicole’s “Understanding Bible Prophecy” series.

  2. Another good show Derek, thank you.

    I found it all very interesting up until your guest suggested the Jewish exile into the desert was because the spies lied about seeing the sons of Anak in the promised land.

    From that point on I found myself quite wary of anything else he said.

    The Bible goes to great length illustrating that there were descendants of the Nephilim in the land, using the word several times.

    At no point does it suggest anybody was lying.

  3. I thought it was a good show too. I think it shows a lot of integrity on the part of Guy, to be able to revise his views on something like the book of Enoch after new evidence comes to light. It’s true, we see relatively few teachers/authors do such a thing, not because there’s tons of money at stake, but merely due to basic pride, and the pressure of maintaining one’s own reputation…

    But I also thought it got a little peculiar when he got into the stuff about the post-flood nephilim. After reading/listening more on his site and that of Paradox Brown, I was left somewhat confused as to how it could be said that the “giants” in Canaan were merely carriers of recessive genes, no different than modern people with “giantism”…

    Genesis 6:4 says, “The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward”. So it would seem that whatever the Nephilim were “in those days” (before the flood), then the SAME people/creatures were around after it too…

    It just seems a little weird, that Guy (and Paradox Brown) make so many concise, true statements when analysing the Book of Enoch, after comparing it to scripture, and then they turn around and seem to come to a conclusion which completely overlooks what is probably the most direct statement made about the Nephilim in the entire Bible….

    I certainly don’t think any position re: the book of Enoch or the Nephilim should be something to divide over, I just don’t understand the logic there… (and it’s something I’m still trying to wrap my own head around…)

  4. I believe Numbers 14 shows the Israelites inability to trust God and His plan. I don’t believe the spies were lying.I think they saw what they said they saw, the sons of Anak which come from the giants. What the spies were guilty of is playing upon the fear of the people so they would rise up against Moses and flee. Walking this walk takes a lot of courgage and faith, something the Israelites had precious little of. And it also illustrates Proverbs 6:16-19 and what the Lord hates. 40 days= 40 years for their lack of faith.

  5. I would concur with Jackie.

    Couldn’t it legitimately be claimed that the ‘slander’ was actually against God and His promise that they could and would take the land?

    It would seem to make more sense that there were giants in the land as stated than to deny it and claim they were “lying” which isn’t in scripture nor claimed by Joshua or Caleb.

  6. thanks for a great show,

    i have a question though. i always blieved the fallen angels were bound in captivity until judgement. how are they doing the ufo stuff? did others fall at a later time?



  7. Great show Derek and Guy!

    I appreciated Guy’s report and work… he’s got some good things to consider… even if we’re going to probably have some disagreement. It’s always good to have a foot on the brake in this area.

    I can totally understand where Guy is coming from about using Nephilim as a point of separation in the view of Prophecy and Eschatology… HOWEVER … There’s more to the account of Genesis 6 regarding doctrinal matters WAAAAAYYYY before it ever gets to Prophecy and End Times.

    Oh well… gonna have to finish that book of mine so I can get some rebuttal time with Derek.

    Thanks again folks!

  8. After decades of looking into this topic, especially regarding the giants, no one, Heiser included, has done a more thorough examination of the topic. Anyone who watches these videos, will likely be surprised at the LARGE number Scripture references to giants. There is very little extra-Biblical information used.
    Pt 1
    Pt 2
    Pt 3

    Also of note, the Genesis 6 reference in Matt 24, where Christ is discussing marriage, the marrying parties described are only “the sons of God and the daughters of men”. In context, human to human marriage is not being referenced. “Sons of God” marrying “daughters of men” is in view for the future according to the Lord. What they will/will not produce, seems to be another matter.

    1. Author

      Thanks for the links–I will definitely watch them. It was a pleasure and an honor to meet Mike and talk with him in person tonight.

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