VFTB 116: Return of the…Who?

Deconstructing LuciferEXACTLY WHO or what is coming to turn Earth into a living Hell during the last days?

David W. Lowe, a student of prophecy and the author of Earthquake ResurrectionThen His Voice Shook the Earth, and Deconstructing Lucifer, joins us to look at prophecies of the End Times and help us separate what the Bible makes clear from speculation and theory based on clues in scripture.

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  1. Thank you for this interview. It gives me much to think about? I believe that in scripture there are always layers. The simple, plain, easy to define text and when we dig, there are deeper truths and hidden secrets to be discovered.  Granted they are placed by the Great Almighty, so scholars can’t possibly get it all right and will miss some things for sure. I’m not a scholar, but I love to study and just have to count on the scripture and the Holy Spirit to lead me down the right path. I’m reminded again, as in many Chuck Missler studies to put aside my presuppositions. 

    Even if there is some confusion regarding the return of the Nephilim, people like Tom Horn, Chuck Missler and Rob Skiba, amonst others, have helped my family discover some of the blatant evils in our nation and our world that I did not recognize as evil before. I’m thankful for that. Also there are many people who have believed a lie in the alien doctrine and also Christians, who’s faith has been shaken by these supernatural phenomenon. So having these brave Christian scholars broach these subjects and provide educated explanations from A God perspective is of great value and they do take a lot of heat for it. 

    That said, David Lowe makes some pertinent points about being careful when we share information with others, about what we present as doctrine. Rob Skiba always starts his presentations by saying, “This is not thus saith the Lord, this is thus thinketh Rob.”   Then he lays out his research. 

    I enjoyed this interview and your guest. It’s a great adventure we are all on as we seek the Lord and share His message to a dying world – in love. 
    God Bless you and Sharon-
    Tiffany Weber. 

  2. When you last interviewed David Lowe about “Lucifer Deconstructed” I said in a reply that after all these centuries David Lowe has finally worked out the truth about Satan, Lucifer etc ? No one got it right beforehand. Church Fathers etc. He has access to all the information now ,translations etc? Please. Everyone has missed this till now?
    Also I queried at the time, does David believe that Satan was created evil or that “Satan” is a job description.I could not quite understand what he meant at the time. I don’t know what the book says because I remember being unsettled enough about the interview to decide that I wasn’t going to buy the book.
    Also it has been said before that the disciples would surely have noted the “Nephilim” connotations of the “Days of Noah” quote.To them the days of Noah could definitely not be separated from Giants, Nephilim etc.
    I found some of David’s ideas to be presumptive and lacking weight.He appears to think the ideas of others the same way. I thought some of his ideas were forced and unconvincing.Very unconvincing. He has different viewpoints. He didn’t put them forward very well.I’m one of those gits who is very strongly influenced by the last person they listened to and even I found the interview to be rather disappointing. David could have been taken to task a bit more. Did I mention that I wasn’t convinced.

  3. Derek…


    I’ve been working on a theory for several years concerning the destruction of Sodom and there was a missing piece to my theory (its not just MY theory… other Heretics have come up with it before me).

    I had a suspicion of a particular motive of the Men of Sodom… and you pointed to some of Heiser’s analysis on Sodom… and BOOM… the reason I’ve been looking for.

    Thank you Dr. Heiser and Thank you Derek!!!

    1. Author

      Why, now, you’ve piqued my curiosity. What’s your theory and what the heck did I say?

  4. Let me get it published first… That way I can take all the slings and arrows.

    But you helped IMMENSELY!!!

    It had to do with the wars that Sodom was involved in… It gives insight… It gives insight… that’s all I want to say.

    1. Author

      No, not at all! Dave has a good explanation of his position at his site, EarthquakeResurrection.com.

  5. Great interview. Though I’m not quite in agreement on the lucifer thing (I’m open to it though) I think his view on fallen angels returning is right on. I’ve read through revelation a number of times, and to me it seemed as though satan was cast out at the resurrection.

    I think his points in this interview are quite on … uh point.

  6. Also, I heard David say he sent someone a list of 80 questions regarding the return of the Nephilim, without getting an answer…is there any way he could put those questions out publicly? Although I’m pretty much on the same page as you and he (open to possiblity of nephilim coming, but not quite sold) i’d be interested in trying to come up with the answers for my own blog.

    Just a thought

  7. Lucifer De-constructed is a form of Preterism, also with a touch of ancient Hebrew Sagisee philosphy. Sagisee philosophy being having religion without any supernatural elements or not believing in such, or Demystifying the bible slighty and bring slowly all elements of the Bible to mere situations with no supernatural elements.
    When reading the bible as a “whole” you cannot miss the concept of the Principalities behind the Principalities, the powers behind the men. Powers of the Air as mentioned by Paul the Apostle.

    An Example is Daniel 10:12-14

    12 Then he said to me, “Do not fear, Daniel, for from the first day that you set your heart to understand, and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard; and I have come because of your words. 13 But the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me twenty-one days; and behold, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me, for I had been left alone there with the kings of Persia. 14 Now I have come to make you understand what will happen to your people in the latter days, for the vision refers to many days yet to come.”

    So huh? The actual Kings and a prince of Persia witheld a mighty angel, and they were like “hey Mr Angel guy, your going to have to like stay put until we say differently”. Nope, clearly Micheal the archangel assisted the other Angel in order to get to Daniel. Its get more spiritually complicated than simplified as Mr. Lowe says claims it does, with all respect.

    Im not surprised that Isaiah 14 refers to both a man king, and a principality fallen angel, from the sound of it the most “prideful angel”. I wonder who that was.

    It also shouldn’t be surprising that “kings” or “princes” can have multiple references in many bible passages. Its scriptural and factual, you must read the entirety of the book to find them all and there are many.

    The ancient Translators noticed all this too, after tedious reading and translations carpal tunneled hand by hand.

    I have more rebuttals on this, simply ask a question and Ill answer if yall need any more explanation.


    1. Author

      You’ve got David Lowe on the wrong peg. If you read his other books, you’ll see he’s anything but a preterist or someone who believes in a demythologized Bible.

  8. Hi everyone,

    Sorry I’m so late to responding to this forum! I’ll respond to some of the comments and questions above…

    First, ghillie’s questions:

    1. How I could have all this Lucifer stuff figured out in the year 2012 when it has been the dominant theory for two millennia?

    But the fact is that for four millennia before the advent of the New Testament, Lucifer did not exist in any way, shape or form in anyone’s theology.

    The key turning point was the connection of Luke 10:18 and Isaiah 14:12. This connection was first made by Justin Martyr early in the 2nd century (at least, this is the first writing of which we have record). So was Justin Martyr right? That is the point of the book: to look at how the key passages were understood pre-Luke 10:18 and post-Luke 10:18.

    2. He has access to all the information now ,translations etc? Everyone has missed this till now?

    No. If you read the book, you will see there are many others who disagree with the Satan = Lucifer tradition. The reason the traditional myth has been dominant for nearly two millenia is its proliferation and support by the Roman Catholic Church throughout the dark ages.

    3. Also I queried at the time, does David believe that Satan was created evil or that “Satan” is a job description?

    If there existed a clear, undeniable teaching elsewhere in scripture that Satan was originally a holy angel who later rebelled, the description of Satan as a murderer, liar, and sinner from the beginning (John 8:44; I John 3:8) could be understood as a reference to his recorded activities in the early chapters of Genesis. But in the absence of a clear teaching to the contrary, I understand the words of Jesus and John to be a description of Satan as he was created from his beginning – the moment he was created.

    4. “I remember being unsettled enough about the interview.”

    The unsettling feeling you are referring to is cognitive dissonance – the painful realization that cherished beliefs are being hit head-on by conflicting information. It’s normal.

    5. You mentioned you weren’t convinced. The interview with Derek above wasn’t meant to be on the topic of Lucifer, but on the topic of the return of the nephilim and its connection to Matthew 24:36-39. For a full review on the topic of Lucifer, see my previous interview on VFTB, or my interviews on The Byte Show:


  9. Hi Darlene,

    All Christians are preterists. That is, if you believe certain prophecies of the Bible were fulfilled in the past. Do you believe the prophecy of Isaiah regarding “the virgin shall conceive, and shall bare a son…”? If so, then you are at least a partial-preterist.

    Do I believe that all biblical prophecies have been fulfilled? Of course not…that would make me a full-preterist. But I, like almost all other Christians, am a partial-preterist.

    Regarding the passage about which you are probably referring, Revelation chapter 12, I don’t believe this is a prophecy. I believe John was putting into apocalyptic language what happened surrounding the birth of Jesus, followed by his ascension to the right hand of God, followed by the devil’s persecution of believers – all of which happened in the first century.

    John provided for us a behind-the-scenes, spiritual view of the devil’s reaction to the first century ascension and Satan’s being cast down to the earth at that time. As Hebrews explains, Christ ascended to the right hand of God and cleansed the heavenly temple with his own blood.

    The key to understanding what John was showing us in Revelation chapter 12 is the context. To me it is clear that the context of his description of the events that were going on in the spiritual realm was the birth and ascension of Jesus – both of which took place in the first century.


  10. Frank,

    Thanks for your comments! Regarding the 80 questions I posed to Doug Riggs regarding the nephilim mothers, I would be glad to share them with you if you would email me: . The questions will make more sense if you listen to all of the interviews that Doug Riggs did on The Byte Show and other shows, because the questions were generated based on those interviews.


  11. Hi Exentine,

    I’m not sure what a Sagisee is…perhaps you are referring to Sadducees?

    Please read the book (and if you don’t have a copy, I will send you one free of charge) before making claims about me or what I’ve written. Regarding the passage from Daniel chapter 10 that you pasted, we are in total agreement.

    I spend three full chapters near the end of the book explaining the spiritual kingdom and hierarchy of the devil. In no way do I deny that Satan exists or that principalities and powers exist.


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