VFTB 125: In the Beginning…

In the BeginningWHY CAN’T Christians just accept the theory of evolution and be done with it?  Two main reasons: First, it eliminates the need for redemption and thus a Redeemer; and second, the evidence.

Laurence Tisdall, founder and president of The Creation Science Association of Quebec (or, properly, L’Association de Science Créationniste du Québec), joined us to talk about his ministry, why he believes a literal creation is critical to Christian doctrine, and how to raise the topic of creation science with friends and family without starting an argument.

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  1. Great show! Enlightening and informative. I learned some key points to counter Evolutionary proganda. Mr. Tisdall know his stuff. Bravo. (Should have asked him aout Bigfoot….:)

  2. Great show! Mr. Tisdall knows his stuff. I learned some good info to counter Evolutionary propaganda.(Would like to have the Bigfoot question asked!)

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