Psalm 83 confederation
The Psalm 83 Confederation

WITH THE backing — or at least the approval — of the United States and other Western powers, the Muslim Brotherhood has ascended to power in Egypt. Why is this important? There is a familiar expression: “As goes Egypt, so goes the Middle East.”

Setting aside the question of why the Obama administration thought removing Hosni Mubarak from power was a good idea (did our government really not understand that the Muslim Brothers were just waiting for an opportunity like this?), prophecy analyst Bill Salus, host of Prophecy Update Radio and author of Isralestine and Revelation Road, discusses recent shifts in Middle Eastern geopolitics, the Muslim Brotherhood’s growing influence in the region, and what may be next according to Bible prophecy.

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  1. I have a hard time believing the AC is going to be a Muslim. The Jews aren’t likely to call him their Messiah.

    Even though the Jews are supernaturally protected as a community of people, I think that God sees them as misbehaving sons and daughters out to bully the neighborhood kids. He won’t kill his kids, but he will give them a whooping. They’re going to eventually turn to Jesus.

    They aren’t a special race. If Muslims are going to hell for denying Christ, every Jew that died in WWII will be going to the same place for the same reason. And every Jew that died between now and then.

    There’s more to this than Christians realize.

  2. This information is not based upon sound Biblical Scholarship. When you have the presenter using Fox News and Israeli military propaganda website as reference material that should be your first clue.

    Have you noticed that the right wing Evangelical Christian worldview seems to fit nicely with their Republican political view of the Middle-East

    In the 1970’s it was Russia , then in the 90’s it was European Union and now we have all Muslims as the bad guy.

    Do not listen to this nonsense, its all politically motivated.

  3. Blog, this is how Jewish reporters are treated in Iran:

  4. The non-pretending body of Christ is the one who prevents the Antichrist from rinsig to power and must be removed via the rapture in order for the release of the first horseman begininning in Rev. 6:1. The rapture will trigger the biggest revival and subsequently Christian persecution since 1924 just prior to the beast (Islam) suffering a fatal head wound from WW1. Islam Mahadi=Antichrist, Islam=beast, Isa=false prophet posing as Jesus Christ. Don’t be deceived if you miss the rapture.

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