The Dark Lord by Peter LevendaTHIS IS one of the shows I’ll have to listen to a second time to really grasp what we were talking about.  Peter Levenda, author of the trilogy Sinister Forces: A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft and The Dark Lord: H.P. Lovecraft, Kenneth Grant, and the Typhonian Tradition in Magic, joined us to discuss some of the unforgettable moments of 20th century history and the bizarre, and probably metaphysical, links between them.

Did Aleister Crowley herald the dawn of a new age?  Why are there startling parallels between Crowley’s received text that made up The Book of the Law and the horror fiction of H.P. Lovecraft?  And why were so many people with links to the occult in orbit around the man who took the rap for assassinating President John F. Kennedy?

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  1. This episode perfectly sums up the 21st Century struggle that Christians have around the investigation of the Dark Occult.

    People are taught the old-school lessons of no contact or knowledge of ANYTHING other than The Bible. Yet, what is forgotten is that Jesus was in close contact with Satan, I personally view this as an example that to understand one’s-self you’ve got to KNOW the world but NOT participate within it.

    Unfortunately, numerous Christians are deliberately ignorant of their own communities & sociopolitical.

    If, it’s believed that Satan is The Prince of the World then we are currently in his kingdom yet this doesn’t mean we’ve got to serve.

    What’s the point of going to Church each Sunday Morning yet having branded items with possibly luciferian logo’s & when encountered with such research behaving like a simpleton.

    Humanity was made in the image of God, part of this is intelligence.
    Using, this to determine what is of God & what is of Satan.

    My own opinion is, God doesn’t want obedient followers whom ‘bury their head in the sand’ but people whom are brave just like Jesus.

    I only wish MORE Christians where like Derek & Sharon Gilbert in having the bravery to go to places that must be discovered like ‘Indiana Jones’ going into a Cave cause if he doesn’t then how will he learn?

    Great show especially Derek sounding a little shook-up at the end as this subject matter ain’t no joke.

    Am on Twitter, say ello: @DazAltTheory

  2. Excellent interview once again. This is the kind of stuff that makes your head “hurt” trying to wrap it around the connections. The “Six Degrees of Separation” analogy is apt. It is also deeply troubling. The tag “hyper-charismatic” is new to me. Feels like I’ve been out of touch, but at the same time I’m not surprised by a group trying to latch onto the “wisdom” or possibly control(?) of the ben elohim, the spirit beings. Having read most all of Lovecraft, when I was younger, makes me wonder now.
    It’s a cross between Star Trek V, “What does god need with a star ship?”, and the antagonists of Star Gate SG1. The red pill or the blue pill? Neither, the Jesus pill.

  3. Good comments, both of them. It is imperative to Know Your Enemy. He (it) is able to quite effectively masquerade as anything, including a Pope. ‘Pope Francis’ is a Jesuit, and no one becomes a Jesuit by accident. The Oath they take is very specific and also quite Satanic: to use all means necessary to reverse the Reformation, bringing ALL of us under the jurisdiction and control of the Roman Catholic Church & its ‘Magisterium’. Investigate who was, and who is, a Knight of Malta, e.g.

    This includes lying, and murder, among many other nefarious activities. I was ‘taught’ under their auspices, so I know whereof I speak. This is no cartoon, it is
    very real. That is their Mission: the subjugation of the Whole World. Formerly,
    it was plainly stated in their Baltimore Catechism, but now they hide behind a
    false piety and benevolence. ‘Pope Francis’ is the friendlier face of Evil. Take a
    good look at ‘Benedict’, and the evil incarnate was WAY too obvious. They went
    with better ‘PR”. The Successor defines who removed the Predecessor, such as
    in the case of Johnson removing and supplanting President Kennedy.

    Jesuits are not Christians, any more than are the Freemasons, who do their
    bidding. Stopping at the Masons, or the Zionists, or Congress, or Rothschilds,
    or Rockefellers or the President, or The Crown, or Democrats or Republicans
    is a mistake. One must reach all the way back, through them all, and even back
    past the Jesuits to see What is really calling the shots for ‘the Dark Side’, and
    it (he) is Lucifer. Never fight an Angel on your own volition, by yourself: you
    will lose. Though Fallen, they are MUCH more powerful than are you, alone.

    Obey God as if your Life depends upon it, because it DOES. This requires one
    to learn, and know, His Will. Other “christians” will think you are nuts. That is
    their problem, not yours. Most of them are lost in Cabala, whether they know
    it, or not. Jesus described the ‘Synagog of Satan’, as well as the time of His
    Return. Rank and file Jews are not your enemy. Neither are Masons who are
    clueless re: Who they ultimately serve. There is no Wiggle-Room here, Folks:
    “Ya’ got to serve somebody” – Bob Dylan (of all people). The Fallen are no joke.

    Good work, Derek. I always download your Show. Waiting for the next one!

  4. Don’t know if this is in your bailiwick, but I just heard yesterday that my uncle, on his deathbed, said he was a son of Horus. He was in his right mind, so I believe this was true, but we haven’t been able to figure out what he meant. After googling, your site was the closest we could get to a possible answer. Do you have any thoughts or ideas on where we should be looking?

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