VFTB 168: Lying Wonders of the Red Planet

Lying WondersMARS HAS fascinated people since the beginning. What is it about the Red Planet that captivates the imagination?  More to the point, why is so much effort expended on selling us on the idea that Mars was inhabited by a race that may be the ancestors — or creators — of mankind?

In his new book Lying Wonders of the Red Planet: Exposing the Lie of Ancient Aliens, our friend Doug Woodward explores the Martian memes that flood cable television and late-night talk radio and offers a Christian perspective on the idea that men (and women) are from Mars.

Here is the link to the interview with  Rev. Ray Boeche on FutureQuake that Derek mentioned during the show. (Note: The link opens an mp3 audio file.)

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Download a smaller, lower-fidelity version of the mp3 of this show by clicking here.


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  1. The thing we have to look at are the goings on within The Book of Ezekiel.

    Just, imagine walking down the road & suddenly experienced what Ezekiel did, likely it would classify it as a UFO very close encounter.

    The Human Species relationship with God, is basically being unaware due to our limits in our intelligence as our neurology is designed to expreince this existence. Hence, questions of the spiritual & metaphysical.

    This is where faith comes along in just being a good & more importantly genuine Samaritan. Yet, at the same time we’ve been given intellect to examine & ponder deeper issues such as what are mentioned via View From the Bunker.

    So, 21st Century Christians have a difficult balancing act to achieve yet this is the nature of the game. Would you rather be a singing ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’ or being connecting Theology with Myths/Legends/Geopolitics.

    Remember, that God doesn’t like cowards.

    Around, Mars…

    1). Have you noticed since the start of this Economic Crash when Lehman Brothers went bust on September 15th 2008; leading nations have tripled the amount spent on the previous year on Mars scientific research…!!!

    If, we are still in a Global Economic Crisis such as Foodbanks now being introduced in the UK – modern update of Food Rationing last seen since World War II. Why is cash being spent on a Planet that will always be around… cause something is on it & not natural resources.

    2). Why was the film – ‘John Carter’ (Disney, 2012) destroyed by the Film Review Media in the Western World when it is actually a wonderful piece of work?

    The film is set on Mars & introduces some interesting questions on that planets origins.

    ‘John Carter’ is based on the classic 1917 book from Edgar Rice Burroughs yet it took 96yrs for his vision to be realized in Film.

    The Planet Mars was originally known a Aries – a term with some negative connotations with an example that the word ‘Aryan’ derives from Aries.

    We’ve got to keep discovering & interacting.

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