VFTB 226: Mark Goodwin – Prepper Fiction

days_of_noahTHE DAYS of Noah is a phrase very familiar to prophecy students. And in the context of today, the ark is a good metaphor for being ready for a day when disaster strikes without warning.

Author and webcaster Mark Goodwin is the host of the Prepper Recon podcast, and someone who’s devoted years to studying the economic, political, and prophetic signs of danger. He discusses his new novel The Days of Noah, Book One: Conspiracy, and why he’s using fiction to convey some very important real-world messages.

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  1. Derek, this was a good show. I was especially gripped by your comment about the movie,”They Live.” That movie made a huge impact on me to have my eyes open. The symbolism and the use of available technology used in the movie is very telling. Sadly, so many people view it as a low-budget B-rated sci-fi when it was really so much more. I bought the video and also have it on my Kindle. The illuminists are admitting their sins in media but not many are paying attention.

  2. I have come to believe “Preppers” may be the most selfish and evil people to exist in the supposed “end times”. Instead of making plans to help others, share resources and figure our how to rebuild the world, they are arming up, ready to kill anyone that gets near them.

    Preppers are the worst kind of human, a horder that believes the worlds out to get them and a potentially hunger person, also looking for help, (God forbid they are non-white) is just out to steal, rape and kill.

    I doubt things will ever come to that, but I also look forward to the day, that if things do go horrible wrong in our world. I hope the truly good people will band together and destroy the mindless, selfish horders that are bent on keeping society down, i.e. Preppers.

    1. Author

      That’s painting with a very broad brush. One of the reasons I appreciate the work of people like Mark and our friend Ray Gano is that their preparations are made with an eye toward sharing with those in need when the spit hits the pan. What better way to share the love of Christ than by sacrificially helping a neighbor in a time of crisis?

  3. I will listen to their podcast. I hope to hear something different than the us vs them mentality. We are Christians and when things got bad historically the plague for example in ancient time. It was the Christians that thought of other first, didn’t flee the cities, but stayed to help. This was an amazing witness to the unbelievers at the time and is a huge reason Christianity came to be accepted. If prepers were making plans to help clothe, feed and rebuild a fallen society, instead of chicken littleing away into holes, I could get behind them. But so far, I haven’t heard that side of their plan. Ever.

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