VFTB 230: Aaron Judkins – Finding Noah

finding_noahIT IS possibly the greatest archaeological quest of all time — the search for Noah’s ark.

Dr. Aaron Judkins discusses his experiences during the filming of the forthcoming documentary Finding Noah. He tells us how the researchers who have gone before influenced their preparations, the technology used in the search, and what he learned during his time on Greater Ararat, the mountain which may hold the remains of the most famous ship in history.

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  1. Ok–why is this man skipping over the evidence presented by Wyatt, telling us that what he did does not hold up to ‘scientific scrutiny’?!–why do people not want to find things such as the Ark?–when scientific evidence is presented, then dismissed this easily, it angers me no end–especially when you can tell that the ‘scientist’ doing the dismissing is dismissing it all due to the fact that the man who had the tests done was not, himself, a ‘scientist’–yet, he had scientists helping to verify what he found–so far as I’m concerned, the word ‘scientist’ needs to be spelled ‘sigh-in-tisk’–also, is this ‘scientist’ a free mason? Or an agnostic, or a gnostic? Or what? If he’s any of those listed, it goes along way to explaining why he’s doing what he is, by dismissing all evidence already presented, concerning Noah’s Ark. I’m sorry but I think I’ve had just about enough of fake ‘scientists’.

    1. Author

      Actually, Dr. Judkins does want to find the ark. He believes it’s out there, which is not the majority opinion among scientists. The issues with Mr. Wyatt’s research have been well known for a couple decades, but they mainly boil down to this: No trained archaeologist has been able to verify his claims. I doubt that’s because they don’t want to find what Mr. Wyatt claimed to find; anyone who brings back definite proof of discovering the Ark, or the Ark of the Covenant, or the site of Mount Sinai, etc., would be set for life.

  2. I enjoy listening to Dr. Judkins every time! Looking forward to seeing or reading more about this quest, though my current view is that it’s not possible to find the ark there. If greater mount Ararat is the true resting site and this volcano has erupted a couple times in the last few hundred years, would not the ark be under some layers of lava flow?
    Thanks again Derek for all the excellent pod-casting.

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