VFTB 229: Timothy Furnish – What ISIS Believes

ISISIT IS difficult to address a problem that one willingly refuses to acknowledge. That is apparently why our president, his spokespeople, and our major media suggest jobs programs, social media, and getting moms talking as responses to the horrific violence committed by the Islamic State, even as the group openly declares its intentions and methods.

Dr. Timothy R. Furnish, a consultant, researcher and author on the topics of Islam, Mahdism, Jihadism, Shi`ism, and other Islamic sects, discusses the eschatology of the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL), how much its religious beliefs differ from mainstream Islam (hint: they really don’t), and how the group’s view of end times prophecy directs its bloody political, military, and religious agenda.


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  1. Now worries, the Jesuits are cooking up a new Crusade to finish off ISIS to be run by Scott Walker out of Marquette.

  2. Mr. Burt,
    You do realize that the Crusades all occurred before the Jesuit Order had even been created, right? And that Scott Walker is a nondemoninational Evangelical, not a Catholic? Barbs should have some relation to reality.

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