VFTB 10/18/20: David Duncan – The New World Order Scam

CHRISTIANS ARE being blamed for the evils of the world—but it’s non-believers who will pay the price.

In December of 2005, a chemist from Washington named David Duncan reached out to us with an amazing story: In San Francisco, during 1967’s so-called Summer of Love, he met Lucifer. The light-bringer manifested through a New Age guru named Allen Michael (born Allen Noonan).

Over time, Allen revealed “The Plan,” an occult world takeover that Dave called the New World Order Scam.

In this 2005 interview, David laid out a disturbing scenario, his belief that Christians are being set up to take the fall for most of what’s wrong with America and, by extension, the world. He called his theory the biggest doublecross in all of history.

Also: YouTube purges popular channels while tech companies target Christian ministries.


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