VFTB Live: Babylon Rising 2012

Babylon Rising 2012SOMETHING WICKED this way comes…

Continuing the theme of last week’s discussion, filmmaker Rob Skiba shares his research behind the forthcoming sci-fi series Seed, which he’s publishing online as the e-book and audio book, Babylon Rising 2012. Rob identifies Apolloyon in the Book of Revelation as Apollo to the Greeks, Osiris to the Egyptians, Marduk to the Babylonians, and Nimrod to the ancient Hebrews.

He’s coming back, Rob says, and bringing some very unpleasant company.

We discuss a history of the world you won’t find in any textbook and what it tells us about the coming end of the age.

Here’s the requested link to the audio book edition of the Book of Jasher mentioned by Rob.

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  1. Awesome stuff! Longtime listener to PID and VTFB here in Phoenix, AZ.!! Keep up the good work, I’ll continue to pass it on!!

  2. Thank you, Kevin! It was a fun discussion for Rob and me, so I’m glad to hear someone else enjoyed it.

  3. BTW, Hermon, South Africa is at -33 deg Lat and 66.6 deg from the Temple Mount. Interesting given the movie “District 9”. I wonder if this will be their next arrival location, especially given the southern hemisphere trajectories of comets Honda and Levy.

  4. Great show.
    Very interesting topic.

  5. Good discussion with Rob Skiba. It was a good mental catalyst, which made me think of several ideas.

    First, it reminded me of a broadcast by Mike Hoggard from the Watchman Video Broadcast. He did a broadcast on the 6th of June 2011 about UFOs: Chariots of the Beast. In that Mike talks a bit about Psalm 68:17 where it discusses the chariots of God. Having listened a lot to Chuck Missler I had to be a good Berean; therefore, I read all of Psalm 68. What struck me was that this Psalm was not only God talking about how he would deal with his enemies and be our salvation, but it also had this phase from Psalm 68:22-23 which caught my eye: The Lord said, “I will bring them back from Bashan, I will bring them back from the depths of the sea, that you may strike your feet in their blood, that the tongues of your dogs may have their portion from the foe.” Of course, this phrase made me think of the Bulls of Bashan which encompassed our Lord Jesus on the cross, and the offspring of the fallen angels, the Nephilim, which were destroyed in the great flood.

    Second and similarly, I thought of how interesting it is that UBL was buried at sea. How interesting it would be if he miraculously returned from out of the sea with his grievous head wound healed. As you know a body has not been seen, so this would be an easy obfuscation to pull off, and would quite effectively unite the Islamic world. Obviously, the shots were reported to be to UBL’s chest and left eye and not his arm and right eye as is stated for the idol shepherd, so I do not equate the two. Alternately, as you two stated this is a similar setup to Nimrod and Osiris, so a resurrection scenario could still be fabricated to match that model.

    Third, I thought Rob’s statement about America being founded as a conduit to bring about the Anti-Christ was interesting. In fact, I would tie together your initial conversation about the divine counsel and the 70 fallen angels that were put over the nations. Think about this. Even before our founding fathers arrived in the new world there was a prince over America. You can see his direction to the Native Americans in the Blood Run Site on the border of Iowa and South Dakota, the Serpent Mound, Ohio, or any of the other mound builder sites in the Americas. Basically, this tells me that the prince of the United States is one of those 70. Therefore, even if our founding fathers were trying to set up a country founded on God’s word the prince in charge of this principality would start a long campaign to undermine and corrupt that purpose to a more Luciferic goal. In fact, that is exactly what we see; a strange and single minded move to make our country the New Rome or New Atlantis falling in line with the One World Order. Fortunately, we have had a few leaders that have stood against this agenda, but like in the books of Kings they have been far too few and infrequent.

    Forth, I have an idea to postulate to you which ties into what Rob said about not knowing our calendar. The recent round of unwise date setting for when believers in Christ shall be caught up to heaven did have the positive result of inspiring my wife and I to a conversation about said event. Of course, we ended up talking about the passage in Mark 13:32-33, “But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father only. Take ye heed, watch and pray: for ye know not when the time is.” Again, my wife and I have spent quite a lot of time listening and studying the works of Chuck Missler, thus we are not your normal well adjusted bible students. This led us to our thought that God seems to really love linguistic word plays. For example, the cryptographic pun God used in the writing on the wall in Daniel 5. Therefore, we were led to the idea that what if the words, “that day or that hour, no one knows,” are actually not just a statement of mans ability to figure out the day nor the hour, but are also a statement that man literally has the wrong calendar and watch setting. This brought us to a little research on calendars. Unfortunately, both our lives are a bit hectic as of late, so a little really means just some basic web searches. What I did find was the standard Gregorian calendar, the Islamic Lunar calendar, the Hebrew Lunar calendar, some of the other Solar calendars, and all the machinations that have been done with them down through the centuries. I even found that NASA had to go with a calendar that did not have a zero year, as a zero year messes up their computer computations. I think this is particularly interesting and makes a good point. To explain, take military aircrews from the old WW II movies as an example. They will all hack their wrist watches to the same time in the step briefing before they go fly, so that they are all working from the same temporal standpoint. Obviously, they have to do this before every mission, because all their watches do not operate precisely. Additionally, we now know that the effects of gravity can cause the watches on different aircraft to slowly deviate, but I digress. The ultimate result is the aircrews have to reset their wrist watches before each mission so they are all working in unison. Now ponder this, we have had just a few generations of time passing without any real hacking of our watches to God’s wrist watch. Simply, what do you know about the real day and time? What do you think about the idea that perhaps our wrist watches and God’s are actually set quite differently, thus even if we could compute the day and the hour we still would not really know the day and the hour? I can say for myself in the limited time I have had to study this subject, that it seems to me that our calendar is not as sure as I thought it would be.

    Finally, I would just like to say that this was a good look at several different campaigns in the invisible war. I hope this post is not too long and that it is a true representation of the insight that the Holy Spirit has shown me. Please forgive any rambling or mistakes as that is totally my fallen human sin nature causing me to see through the glass darkly.

    Also, I would love to request a round table of several speakers such as Rob Skiba, Chuck Missler, Gary Stearman, Dr. Future, ect…discussing the big picture of the invisible war and how we have seen it develop through history and in the present. Thank you for a great show.

  6. Rob said that no one in history had been called king of kings other than nimrod? this is simply not true, and surprising to hear from someone who has done so much end times study. read the book of Daniel, 2:37 for example where DANIEL SAYS TO NEBUCHADNEZZAR. “You, O king, are a king of kings: for the God of heaven has given you a kingdom, power, and strength, and glory.” As for Francis bacon editing the KJV? are you kidding me? this is such a lie. do you guys think Guy Fawkes was a hero to? well sorry to burst your bubble but he was a Jesuit and their goal was to assassinate one of the greatest christian kings who ever lived. (think V for Vendetta and how it glorifies Fawkes and twists the truth, it was created by… Alan Moore, who summons demons and adores Crowley.

    Then there is Rob using the New Living Translation over the KJV? the KJV has a number of verses, the NLT has a LESSER number of verses, how can any sane person call those equivalent? modern bibles have LESS VERSES so either the KJV and all of the bibles before them were wrong and Christians all throughout history have been using corrupted text, until the two OCCULTISTS Wescott and Hort showed up and fixed the Bible? and only since the 1800’s have we been using a bible closer to the truth? (yet still not a full bible because practically every year a new edition comes out claiming to be more accurate, meaning men are ‘improving’ the bible constantly) this is what you beleive when you accept using whatever version you want instead of using the KJV. honestly, I’m very disappointed in both you and Rob to be honest, regarding that, and your ideas on 72. this number shows up in EVERY religion but it sure doesn’t show up in Christianity, UNLESS you use a corrupted bible, with corrupt Greek manuscripts. (some change the deciples in Luke to 72, and some make the table of nations have 72 rather than 70.) Yet clearly the bible says elsewhere that there were only 70 nations. Honestly just look up seventy and threescore and ten in a concordance and you will see just how many times God used this number, and NOT 72. 70 and 72 are not the same, 72 is used by Satan all over the place(Illuminati pyramid for example), and will probably be used to help Satan merge all of the religions.

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